Tuesday, June 14, 2005


Gosh, yesterday I was SO stressed. I leave for vacation tomorrow, so I had TONS of stuff to do yesterday. I had to drive SIX places. UGH! At least Chris went with me for some of it. That was cool. Jeremy would have gone, but he had to work. :-( Anyway, shopping with Chris is so fun because he actually *likes* shopping. LOL. I just had to return a hundred things yesterday. I am *so* the queen of returning things. But at least I'm saving money. LOL.

I cried twice yesterday. I guess I'm just nervous about my trip. And I'm upset because I've been so tired lately, and I can't work more hours (which I want). I feel like if I don't work more at my job, I'm left out. That's a bummer. Anyway, I need to get over that. Being tired because of my disease is not THAT big of a deal... really.

In other news... Harry Potter is like 31 days away. Yay! I'm almost done with my costume too. Hanna and I are dressing up as Ravenclaw students, and I'm trying to find all the pieces to our costumes. I have everything now except the robes. But I think I found them for like $25 each on eBay, which would be SO sweet-@$$.

That's probably how much it would cost to make them so that would be cool if we could minus the 20+ hours it would take to make two of them. :) This *is* costing me lots of money though. I'm going to have to sell stuff on eBay like MAD when I get back. I was thinking of buying a button-making machine and making HP buttons for the release. I actually have tons of ideas for HP buttons so that would be sweet.

Anyway, I have to go to work in a few hours so I need to finish cleaning and packing. Tomorrow at this time, I will be one hour from vacation! Yahoo!

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