Wednesday, September 9, 2009


As in... my sister, Shaina, *pimped* out her daughters' room! P.I.M.P.E.D. Seriously... I know all their 2nd-grade friends are super-jealous! :-p

Alaura (older twin by 21 minutes) *loves* the Eiffel Tower/Paris/anything French. Apparently, she's infatuated with the fact that the Eiffel Tower looks like a giant A. LOL. Anywho, her request was that an Eiffel Tower be painted on her new bedroom wall (they just bought a house). Her favorite color is pink.

Her twin sister, Brenna, likes black and white, Asian decor, and pandas. My sister admitted that this room was more to Alaura's liking, but they'd finish the upstairs in the future, and Brenna could have a room all her own. Brenna is not complaining (seriously, most agreeable child I've ever met). She still thinks she has the coolest room EVER. And she'd much rather have this room to share, then your run-of-the-mill little girl room.

My sister surprised the girls with a hot pink and zebra room on Christmas morning (in their old house). She set up the whole room with the lights OFF... while they were sleeping (pre-drilled holes... my idea! tee hee... to hang up stuff). So she had all the decor, but they bought this house, she took it one step further and painted the whole room! By hand. :) No projector. No stencil. Yeah, she's awesome.

When you walk into their room, you see this:

And then you turn to see the cutest wall...

Again, no stencil. No projector. She did use a circle mirror and traced a circle at the bottom. She drew it on with pencil first.

Turn again, and you see their window...

And then, their beds..

Funny thing is, Shaina looked for MONTHS for the perfect bunk-bed for them. She is SO picky and won't settle for anything less than the wonders of her artsy imagination. So she found this and painted it. They love it. But THEN, they ended up not wanting to sleep in separate beds. LOL.

So... her husband extended the frame of the bottom... making it into a full-size, on which they both sleep. He said, "Why don't we just get RID of the bunk-bed, and they can just have a full or queen?" Umm... no. Shaina LOVES that bed. Not an option. LOL. So now... really, everyone's happy. And she said when they have someone spend the night, they're good to go. :) And if my parents come to visit (or me!), they can just remove the top. Perfect.

My sister is so delightfully artistic. I love it. She's actually the one who got me into scrapbooking. And when I say "got me into scrapbooking," I mean "forced" me into scrapbooking. LOL. True story. She hasn't scrapped in a LONG time because she hasn't had time or room. But now she does, so hopefully, she'll be scrapping soon. :)

Hope you enjoyed the pictures!

Oh! And head on over to Craft Critique to see my article on Maya Mist. You can do some AWESOME stuff with those little bottles!

And now... I'm going to grab my Diet Coke w/Vanilla (1/2 price at Sonic! YEAH!) and sit out in the warmth and read some magazines and catalogues... while gaining inspiration for the SC kit (my last SC kit... *sigh*) that I received in the mail today. :-D

It is a *good* day off.

Happy 09-09-09 to ya! (aka... Beatles Day!)

Oh! One other thing... I laughed my butt off at this website today. Frickin' hilarious! Especially this one. Oh.My.Word.Funny. I SO wish my dad was here with me, so we could laugh our butts off... together. :-) Alas, I called him in Colorado and told him about it. Listening to him laugh instead. I'll take that though! ;-)


Houston said...

Oooh la la! Uber Chic!

Zorina said...

Hey, hey! your sister is so creative. That a pretty room she did for the twins. Love, love Eiffel towers I actually have a collection of it at home. I fell in love in Paris...sigh.
Have a good week, chic.

Denise said...

Wow...that is one awesome room. Maybe your sister could come re-do mine? I like orange. LOL! I have been perusing the Walmsrt site hoping not to see any photos of me. So far...whew...not one.

Jody said...

Wow, your nieces room is amazing!
One talented sister you have there!
And why don't my kids want the one video game I would play?
I am asking for Beatles Rock Band for my bday in a couple of days :)

lisa dickinson said...

oh yeah, that would've been my dream room when I was a girl! just awesome! :)