Wednesday, September 2, 2009


I altered this box for my niece, Mairen. Cute, yes?!

I absolutely HATE these alpha stickers (they were free with purchase one day at Archiver's). HATE them! LOL. I'm sorry... I do. Not sure why. I see them on lots of pages, so I know they're loved out there, but for some strange reason, they bug me.

But... they look SO cute on this box with these Basic Grey chip stickers! So... I'm glad I had them in my stash.

Now... for the quick story behind said box.

My sister, Shaina, decided to ask her daughters about their favorite hobbies and/or sports. This is how the conversation went...

Shaina: "Girls, I want to ask you about your favorite hobbies and sports! Alaura, what hobby or sport do you like best?"

Alaura (age 7.5): "Art! Definitely art! I love art!"

Shaina: "Awesome! And Brenna, what's your favorite?"

Brenna (age 7.5): "Umm... running! And... swimming! Oh! And basketball! I love all those!"

Shaina: "All good sports! And Mairen, what is *your* favorite hobby or sport?!"

Mairen (age 4.5): "Collecting dirty toenails!!!"

Apparently she said this quite emphatically. I laughed SO hard when I heard this. My sister says she goes around the house picking up toenail clippings, and she puts them in one of her drawers. I asked my sister if she had a box in which to keep them, and it turns out, she doesn't. And of course...

... being me... working at The Container Store and all, I suggested I get her one. And do you know what my sister said?!

"Reyanna! Don't encourage this! It's gross!"

Tee hee. But being the cool and fun aunt that I am.... * insert devilish laugh here * ... I marched my butt over to The Container Store to find her a small box for said toenails. And I altered it for her using yellow, black and green... her favorite colors. :D The box is big enough for her to also store nail clippers and even nail polish should she so choose. :)

Mairen LOVES it. :D

My sister hopes it turns more into a pedicure kit... LOL. We shall see...


Lauren said...

What a CUTE idea! :)

Jenn said...

really cute box, but I have to agree with your sister. That is a weird hobby.

Amy Coose said...

Great idea, and a hilarious story!! The box turned out so cute.

Denise said...

LOL! I don't think it will turn into a pedicure box. I think it will be exactly what it says...a toe nail collection. Funny. She will love it!

Virginia said...

that's hillarious. you are a nice aunt to have made her that special box he hee!

lisa truesdell said...

omheck - that is hilarious. and those are some of my favorite letter stickers - hee!

Erika said...

OMG - cute box, gross collection :) LOL. I bet it turns into a cute pedi box :)

Michelle LaPoint Rydell said...

OMG HA!!! You are a fun aunt!!! It's so CUTE now, but imagine when it gets filled with dirty toenails!!! EEPS!

Chris and Paige Evans said...

I'm trying to eat my cereal here!


What a cute box. What a funny thing to collect.