Tuesday, September 15, 2009


It's almost fall. And then it will be almost winter. My friend, Wendy, mentioned on her blog the other day that she's not really looking forward to it. And even though I HATE cold weather (read: HATE... with a fiery passion), I do look forward to the changing of the seasons because there are certain things that come with fall and winter (that I don't like so much during spring and summer) at my house.

I understand that many people out there are not ready to hear (or see or read) about fall/winter stuff, but... Wendy, this is for you...

1.) Schokinag Extreme Dark Drinking Chocolate

  • I hate hot chocolate. Ew. Makes me want to hurl.
  • See, I used to drink it EVERY single day, and then one day, I got sick. Hot chocolate was the only thing in my stomach; therefore, it was the only thing that came up. And as Chandler says, "It's very difficult to enjoy once you've seen it in reverse." Every time I *smell* hot chocolate, it reminds me of that fateful day (January 27, 1995). Ew.
  • So to say that I was reluctant to try this hot chocolate is an under-statement. But a friend of mine assured me that it's NOT yo' mama's hot chocolate. She was right.
  • It's drinking chocolate. There's a difference. And it's fabulous. Yup, it's expensive. But seriously? Worth it. I only drink it during the winter months, so I figure I can afford it. ;-)
  • Jeremy's favorite flavor is Dulce de Leche, which (to me) isn't hot chocolate. But I humor him.
2.) The Company Store Microfiber Fleece Blanket
  • It's super fabulous. I bought it (in cashmere blue) last year when it went on sale (for like $13), and I LOVE getting all cozied up in this blanket.
  • I may have to buy the sheets and pillowcases now too. And this matching bed jacket. Mmmm... a bed jacket. I've asked for that for Christmas for the last THREE years [this will be the 4th] to no avail. Jeremy? Honey? Are you reading this? ;-) I need it. NEED it. I'm thinking that if you're still coveting the same thing after four years, it's safe to say that it will be used and loved. A lot. :-) And if you friends of mine would like to join me in the "Reyanna Needs a Company Store Bed Jacket" stance, please send an email to Jeremy (jeremy@remyanna.com)... if you'd like. :-)
3.) Mom's Turtle Brownies

  • Every year, I'd look forward to my mom's turtle brownies. I'm not sure why she never made them during the spring/summer months. Maybe because it was Southern California, and we were thinking more of popsicles and watermelon in the hot weather than hot, gooey, sticky, yummy brownies... ;-)
  • In any case, they were my absolute FAVORITE thing! I only got them during the cold months (usually during December), and I looked forward to them EVERY year. :-D
  • Now, she no longer makes them for me, so I have to fend for myself.
  • Get a brownie mix and put most of the batter (leave 1/4- 1/3 of the batter out) into a pan. Bake it for five minutes. Then take it out, and put a 1/2 cup of *melted* caramels on top. Then sprinkle with chocolate chips. Then put the rest of the batter and bake for the rest of the time.
  • Yummy. Yummy. Fabulous.
  • And yummy.
4.) Acorn Versa Fleece Socks

  • These had been on my Christmas wish list (you know... along with that bed jacket...) for quite a while, so when my In Laws gave me a gift card to Sierra Trading Post last year, I thought it was about time that I get some!
  • They are the BEST.SOCKS.EVER.
  • In the fall and winter, I sleep in them, lounge in them, cook in them, watch movies in them, keep them in my nightstand when I'm not wearing them because I KNOW that I'll need them the next evening. LOL.
  • They are SO soft and SO cozy. And I can't believe I only have ONE pair! LOL. This year, I'll get more because I know that I live in them. :-D
  • They are the BEST.SOCKS.EVER.
5.) Fall Walks
(Photo of me and the puppies in Central Park. Taken by Jeremy, November 2006.)

  • Mmm... it's so nice and crisp out. I throw on a sweater and some jeans. Perhaps some cozy gloves and a scarf.
  • The air smells cleaner (to me, at least....) during this time of year. Taking a deep breath feels SO good. Love that feeling.
  • And then when you get back from your walk, you throw on your fleece socks, wrap yourself in your cozy fleece blanket (and bed jacket...), sip on some hot chocolate, and eat gooey brownies. You smile and sigh. It's fall and winter... it really is a great time of year. :-)


Houston said...

I LOVE fall, I LOVE cold weather, and of course I LOVE all the fabulous things that you just shared! C'mon think about it, fall really isn't that bad :)

Christa said...

Now I want some chocolate!! And I understand your aversion to hot chocolate, because I have one to blueberry muffins for the same reason!

Barb said...

I'm so ready for fall!

Rita said...

I'm anxiously awaiting fall! It's my favorite season. Right now I'm enjoying that Pumpkin Spice Lattes are back in season!

Zorina said...

Hmmmm, yummilicious!! that turtle brownies. OMGISH! you just make me drool over it. It rained here in CA last weekend, we thought FALL finally arrived. But, guess not yet as the temp is back 85s. I'm so ready for FALL. Ready to use my old FALL outfits! Keeping strong here. Teehee! ;-))

wendy smedley said...

you inspired my to right my own,

Denise said...

Honestly, are you trying to make me drink and eat chocolate before 9:00 a.m.? That wouldn't be too hard to do. In my world it is a breakfast food. LOL! OK...I agree that the drinking chocolate is awesome. Bought it last winter and I am hooked on it's thick, rich and creamy.......dang....I have to go find some! :o)

Jaime Lynne said...

I had a similar "hot chocolate" experience with red licorice and honey nut cheerios.

Lots of delicious things in this post!

Megan said...

You're SO cute, missy. I love this list and can't wait for fall. :)

Bashful said...

Okay, I have to say that I really enjoy summer in Ohio, but after that post, you really have me looking forward to Fall. :-)

Caroline said...

mmmmm....i just bought a box of brownie mix the other day so i might have to do those turtle brownies!

and i don't want to think about fall yet. it's mostly because i feel like i didn't have a summer! LOL. but i guess fall is supposed to be nicer than summer here, so maybe i should be looking forward to it...

Lauren said...

Fall is my FAVORITE time of the year... sign me up for the cool, jeans and sweater weather fall walks with colorful leaves, crisp air and hot apple cider.