Thursday, September 10, 2009


Taken from Paige's blog. :-)

A- Age:
28 (also my favorite number! yay!)

B- Bed size: queen (thought I wanted to go back after our king, but now I miss our king... LOL. When we buy a house, we'll get a king again! And the queen will go to the guest room. LOL.)

C- Chore I love: picking up all the stuff laying around. LOL. Oh! And toilets. LOL. They just look SO nice and shiny and clean when they're done. :)

D- Dogs' names: Ruby-Monday (she was born on a Monday... tee hee) and Amber-Lamb

F- Favorite color: blue

G- Gold or Silver: gold. though i really like the two-toned look these days.

H- How many times have you been outside the USA: I went to Canada once.

I- Instruments I play: I can play a few songs on the piano. I only took lessons for a short time, but my teacher told me I wasn't getting very good, so I quit. Nice, huh?! True story.

J- Job title: Sales :-) (at The Container Store)

K- Kids:
Probably next year. We want a house first. And less credit card debt. LOL. I'm having baby fever right now though. I'd like to have a baby now...

L- Living arrangements: 2 bed, 2 bath apartment... with hubby and puppies. :-)

M- Most popular dessert at my house: ice cream or frozen yogurt. We LOVE going out for frozen yogurt. Ohmigoodness... I usually eat a whole pint (no joke) all by myself... in one sitting. :-)

N- Number of times I have stayed overnight at the hospital, not counting my own birth: Really... too many to count. I broke my legs and was in traction... for like... months.

O- Outdoor activity I have never tried but would like to: I've actually never been rock climbing/repelling on REAL rocks. Only LOTS of indoor stuff (I have a membership), and I have my own harness and shoes, so I know I COULD do it. Well, okay, I've bouldered, but like... I've never been with a harness and ropes and stuff. :) Soon. Very soon. :D

P- Pet peeve: Typos. LOL.

Q- Quote from a movie: "I can't believe it... I'm losin' to a rug!" -Genie from Aladdin

R- Restaurant I could eat at every day: North by Northwest (here in Austin). We just went a couple weeks ago, and OH.MY.GOSH. Seriously, one of the best meals at a restaurant I've EVER had. In my top three. I can't WAIT to go back. :D

S- Siblings: an older brother (Dack) and a younger sister (Shaina)

T- Time I wake-up: Usually around 9 or 10. LOL. I NEED lots of sleep.

U- Unknown fact about me: Unknown? Hmm... I have a phobia... a true phobia of breaking rules. Panic attack. Hysteria. Tears. Everything. It's kinda crazy. Okay, really crazy. LOL.

V- Vegetable I dislike: can't think of one... oh! I don't like radishes or beets. Ew.

W- What is my dream vacation: French countryside. Or... a private beach. LOL.

X-rays I've had: I think... every single part of my body. LOL. I am SO accident prone!

Y- Yummy food I make: Everything has been pretty tasty! ;-) But my favorite thing to make is cheesecake. It does NOT last long though. LOL. I usually eat the whole thing within two days. LOL.

Z- Zoo favorite: Primates :D Chimpanzees, gorillas, and orangutans. And if I'd ever seen bonobos, that would be in there too. They're my favorite animal, but chimps will have to do. And I LOVE the snake house. :D


Denise said...

Loved reading your A to Z. Your piano teacher deserved a few broken fingers. Meanie.

Lauren said...

So love this idea!! I hope you don't mind, but I have to steal it..It looks like too much fun..Have a great day!

Zorina said...

Oh! i've been wanting to do this also...the word doc is sitting on my desktop for over 2 months now. Great idea!
Thank you, my dear!

Chris and Paige Evans said...

"I can't believe it... I'm losin' to a rug!" - so random, I love it!! Fun to learn more about you :)