Thursday, August 20, 2009


You know... I don't understand telemarketers these days...

T: "Hi, is this the Rumplestiltskin residence? I'm calling from Sears... about your washing machine!"

Me: "Nope, sorry. Nobody here by that name. Perhaps you have the wrong number. Or perhaps you have the *correct* number, but they just don't have this number anymore." (I pretty much say this EVERY, SINGLE call I get.)

T: "I'm looking for John... John Rumplestiltskin."

Me (maybe if I try it slower...): "No..... I'm..... Sorry.... You.... Have.... The.... Wrong.... Number."

T: "Do you live at Monkey Lane?!"

Me: "Nope, sorry. Whoever you are looking for is Not.At.This.Number."

T: "OHHHH! Sorry."


I don't like to be rude. And I don't want to be rude. To my knowledge, I'm not saying this in a rude tone. But seriously?! How many different ways are there to say that? I used to say, "Nope, sorry! Wrong number!" And hang up. But then they'd call back ten seconds later. Because technically they *have* the right number, it's just not the person *they* want. *Should* I be rude?! Ack.


Once I got this other call, and they were like...

T: "Is Mr. or Mrs. Joe Tenderness there?"

Me: "Umm... no... nobody here by that name."

T: "Well, then let me tell YOU about this great offer to win a trip to the Bahamas! What's your name?!"

Me: "Ummm... no. I gotta go. My.... errr.... kids... are... getting into my patterned paper stash... :-)


Of course these names are made up. Nobody really called and asked for *these* people. But I did have a customer today at The Container Store who lived at Monkey Lane. Tee hee. So I thought I'd throw that in here. :-p

When my cousin was in a fraternity, they had a contest to see who could keep telemarketers on the phone... the *longest* just by talking to them and asking them ridiculous questions...

T: "We have some great deals with your phone company right now. And we'd love to give you a service of 10 cents a minute per call!"

X: "You want to GIVE me 10 cents for each call I make! That sounds AWESOME!"

Tee hee... stuff like that. That *does* sounds like fun... but I think I have better things to do than talk to telemarketers...

You know... like *blogging* about telemarketers... ;-)

Ooooh! And I was asked to participate in a Studio Calico challenge, and my page went up yesterday on their blog. This layout was so much fun! :)

I liked the painting. :-)


Nichole said...

ok so who's the idiot. here I am thinking, tenderness?? seriously???
if someone came on my phone and asked for tenderness, I woulda peed my pants!!!! but then I read on and felt like a moron! hahaha
I started out so nice, now I am rude, yep, just plain rude.
(sheepish smile here, I used to (whispering)BE a telemarketer.
DON'T tell anyone!!!!
this was a funny post!!!! enjoyed it.
and great lo!!!!! love the orange!!!

rcprncss said...

You crack me up! Okay...I love your made up names! MOnkey Lane was cute too! I do not like telemarketers and pretty much tell them no and hang up. They annoy me. I try to be nice but they don't get it!
Love your page. Very cute! The paint is cool and the picture is adorable!

Caroline said...

ok, you have more patience than me.
i just say "wrong number" and hang up immediately, hahahaa.