Thursday, August 6, 2009



Okay, so I love scrapbooking, but sometimes I try new things... like adding more to a page or doing the whole "collagey" thing and forgoing my "I LOVE WHITE SPACE" motto. And you know what ends up happening?! I *don't* like it! Ugh. I'm just... not good at it. LOL.

So... I got a Bind-it-All for my birthday. WOOHOO! Well, actually, I got *money* for my birthday, and then quickly went to Archiver's to spend it on said Bind-it-All, but I got it *on* my birthday, and that makes it doubly special! YESS!!!

And I decided to make a mini album (with each page being a different patterned paper from Studio Calico's July kit). But you know what?! It's SO hard! It's taking SO long! Well, I *am* doing a 16-page 6x6, so really, that's a bit bigger than your average "mini." Last night, I did like... six pages, and I got burnt out. And I was like, "GAH! I need to just... go back to my roots... simple, simple pages, white cardstock, and have some instant gratification here."

So I made this...

(Blech, that's a bad photo. I need to wait until the sun is shining on my patio, so I can get a better one...)

You know that episode of Friends where Joey and Chandler both sit in their chairs together (right after they move into Monica and Rachel's apartment?!), and they let out these huge sighs of relief as they recline?! Well, *that's* how I felt after I did this layout.

*sigh* Ahhhhh... mmm... feels good.

And *that* felt so good, that I had to do more, so then I made this...

Finished that one this morning. *insert another big sigh here*

You know who inspires me *so* much?! Jody Wenke. Holy cow, she's amazing! Her layouts make me feel SO good. And I just stare at them and sigh, and then she inspires me to go back to my clean and simple roots and scrap like that too. Mmmm.... yummy... white space... ahhhh. :)

So, thank you, Jody! Thank you OH-SO much! I'm loving you more than ever today. :)


sarah said...

LOVE your scrapping style. so glad i stumbled upon your blog. such great eye candy!

hope you have a great day.


Jaime Lynne said...

Mmmmmm, yummy white space! ITA!! I feel the same way when I stray from my roots. Both pages are beautiful, though I do look forward to seeing some of the mini when you are finished!

Dalon said...

love your layouts!!! and thanks for the link to Jody's site - she has some inspiring layouts as well - I can see why you like her stuff so much :-)

Jody said...

Oh Reyanna...
you are such a day-brightener!
Thank you for your sweet comments,
I truly believe I am blushing!
Have a wonderful day, sweetie :)

Jenn said...

these are great and I agree about the BIA. It is a little hard to use at first. I just worked on mine the other day and I think I have it down.

Tonya said...

Look at how long you hair was!!!! WOW! Love your white space style...stick with it girl!

Sasha said...

I love white space designs too and tend to use them often .. love love love your layouts ..


Chris and Paige Evans said...

Yes I know that episode of Friends where Joey and Chandler sigh in chairs in their new apartment. Good analogy :) You sure did have a lot of hair!

Erika said...

AWESOME that you donated to LOL! Such an amazing gift :) If only I didn't have to color my hair. Love me some white space too but find it hard to do for some reason! That is really neat that your sister is trying to be a surrogate, Pretty amazing stuff, huh?