Monday, August 24, 2009


I'm SO accident prone! Seriously. You know, I *try* to be safe. I *try* to be conscious of things that I can fall *into* or... or... things that can fall *on* me. ;-) But it doesn't matter! They just... *find* me.

And without the flash, so you can see the blue! :-D

Today, as I was coming into work... like... before I even *clocked in*, I got injured. LOL. You know those automatic doors? The huge, heavy metal ones that are at stores? Well, today, I accidentally knocked it off the track. (Oops!) My boss watched me do it, and she laughed at me. :-p

Then she was like, "It's okay, Reyanna, no big deal... just pull it HARD back onto the track."

"Hard." I know that word. What that means to me?! Use all the strength I can muster. Problem with my strength is... I've got lots of it from doing these:

And therefore, pulling "hard" caused the door to not only go back on track, but to go *through* the track, and off again toward me. Tee hee. My boss laughed again, and then said I had to then go get a ladder to put it back at the TOP of the door. Sheesh.

So... I go get a ladder (and a friend to help me). She pushed one way, I pushed another, and we got it back on the track, but my hand was in the way as the track met the door. Really, there was NO way to get those doors back together without my hand being there. I should have thought to put some gloves on, but I didn't.

My poor hand got smashed. I've never had a black and blue goose-egg on the palm of my hand. Pretty cool, yes?! I wish this photo showed that it's twice the size of the other hand. LOL. Ah well. You get the picture. War wounds from The Container Store. Organizing is dangerous business, y'all! ;-)

And to cheer myself up, I made marshmallow brownies when I got home. Yummm-mmmy! I'd never made them before; never eaten them before, but boy, are they tasty!

My hand feels SO much better now that I have brownies in my tummy. :-D


heygillian said...

You poor thing! That hematoma looks miserable! :( On the up side, those marshmellowy brownies look incredible! :) Way to take care of your owie, girl. :)


Erika said...

I am picturing this entire thing and I am seriously laughing. Sorry :0 Laughing with you, right! Hope it heals up quick!

vtpuggirl said...

Oh gosh! That sounds like it really hurt. From experience, that's a wicked place to be injured, you do so much with your hands. Like eat brownies. I rest my case. :)

Emily Pitts said...

poor reyanna :( i know that's got to hurt

lisa truesdell said...

oh, ouch ouch ouch!!! that looks really painful! i'm glad the brownies helped a bit, though. =)

moonlightgrrl said...

owies!!! i'm thinking it's pretty funny, but ew, it has got to hurt! i'd suggest ice, but those marshmallow brownies look like a MUCH better remedy!

Sasha said...

OUCH but hahaa dang girl ... but it really does look like it hurt .. but the brownies look so good ..

Zorina said...

Ouch! hope it gets better soon so you can scrapp. take it easy now, ok?
btw, just bought myself a box of Hersheys brownie mix...tomorrow I'm grabbing a pint of Hagen-Dazz Dulce de Leche ice cream. ;-((

Cath said...

Ouch! That sounds so painful!

michele said...

OUCH!! you poor thing! those brownies look like they surely did the trick! ;o)

Chris and Paige Evans said...

Seriously, that looks like it hurts.

Those brownies look soooo good. Are they just brownies with marshmallows baked on top? You must share the recipe!