Saturday, August 22, 2009


I had quite a big shock this morning.

*I* own a lipstick!


Oh, wait, let me start from the beginning...

So... this morning I woke up, and I really had this urge to clean and organize. Okay, that's most mornings (and evenings) but often my urge to scrapbook (or eat) overpowers the urge to clean and organize.

And really, my house is already fairly clean and organized, but I knew my bathroom could probably use some going through and cleaning and throwing out of old products. And *that* would give me a great opportunity to put drawer liner in my drawers! Yay! :D

(Now, don't get all judgmental ;-)... usually putting drawer liner in my drawers does *not* excite me. As a matter of fact, I've never done it! But all the containers are sliding around in my drawer, and it's driving me bonkers!)

I'm taking things out of my containers, and I notice a lipstick. I'm like, "Huh. How'd that get in here?!" I opened it up, and it's a rather pretty shade of pink. I decide to put it on. I put on the lipstick, and then I run to the kitchen to get my MAC lip gloss. (I don't EVER wear lip-gloss, so I thought that if *perhaps* I put it in a dish in the kitchen, I'd see it as I was walking out the door and grab it. That hasn't happened yet. LOL. And truth be told, I don't like MAC lip gloss. Too sticky for me.)

Anywho... I get the lip-gloss, and I put it over my lipstick, and I run into the bedroom, where my husband is *just* waking up, and I jump on the bed.

Me: "LOOK!!! I'm wearing lipstick! I OWN lipstick!!!"

Jeremy: "Uhhh.... it's.... different."

Me: "Do you like it?!"

Jeremy: *grin* "It's... different.

Me: "But do you LIKE it?!"

Jeremy: "It's just... different. I like you without lipstick or lipgloss. I just like your regular lips!"

Me: "Jeremy, this lipstick is like... the EXACT color of my lips! Seriously! Wait... let me show you!"

So then I run back into the bathroom, and I take the lipstick and lip-gloss off JUST the top lip. Then I re-apply the lip-gloss and run back into the bedroom and smile.

Me: "See the difference?"

Jeremy: "See! I like that! Maybe the lipstick just looked weird because you're not wearing any other makeup."

Me: "Jeremy, I have lipstick on my bottom lip, but not my top."

Jeremy: "Ohhhhh! I do see a slight difference. The bottom lip is more pink."

Uhh... yeah, attention to detail is not one of his strong suits, but then once I point it out, he's good to go! ;-)

Anywho, I decided to Google this lipstick, and it turns out that it's a $16 tube (on Amazon)!! Now, I *definitely* know I didn't buy it! LOL. So now, I'm almost positive I got it for my birthday. A friend of mine (who's totally into fashion and makeup) got me some makeup for my birthday, and she said, "You never wear makeup because you don't own any, so I thought that if I got you makeup, you'd wear it!"

She got me a cute little compact with three lip shades and four eye shades. Plus this lipstick. I had completely forgotten! LOL.

So anyhow, perhaps I'll wear some lipstick now when I go out places...

p.s. I meant this to be a short post, and it never turns out like that...

"I own lipstick! Wow! Amazing!

"I must have gotten it from a friend. Huh.

"Pretty cool. Now, I can wear some when I go out places..."

See?! How hard was that?

Well, thanks for reading my babbles. And if you got to the end of this post about friggin' lipstick, please let me know, and I'll send you some virtual Pixie Dust! You SO deserve it. :-)


Lyn said...

Funny story!! Sometimes I wonder if DH notices when I wear makeup vs. when I don;t! Haha!

Michelle LaPoint Rydell said...

Ha - you are too cute! Love your story!

moonlightgrrl said...

i love this story! i too own lipstick that i NEVER wear. :-)

Anonymous said...

That's a great story! you are too fun, girl. and I could use some pixie dust and I have a feeling you have some, so send it over.
Have a great Sunday!
Beth Ann

Dalon said...

this post is SOOO cute!!! a total representation of what I love about reading your blog ... so simply *real* - thanks for sharing!!! :-)

Houston said...

This post is HILARIOUS!!! I had to check it out after Kirsty mentioned it on SC... sorry about your hand too!

Chris and Paige Evans said...

I'm glad this turned into a "babbling post" :) The details are what make it so fun and interesting to read! You make me laugh :)