Sunday, June 20, 2004

A Day with the Bliss Family is Pure... Bliss.

I used to babysit for a family with seven children. I met them nine years ago... when there was only five of them (and their youngest was nine months old). Now they range in age from 4 to 15. I got to see them on Friday, and it was super fun. They said some pretty funny things. Here's a conversation we had:

Elizabeth (age 13): Sam, go put on jeans because we're going to the boardwalk, and you can't wear nice clothes!

Sam (age 7): I LIKE these pants, and I'm not changing!

Katairena (age 12): Come on, Sam! Please?

Me: Yeah, Sam, it won't be fun if you're all hot in those clothes.

Sam: I'm not wearing jeans! I didn't even bring jeans!

Barrie-Rose (age 10): Well, just go take those off and put some other ones on!

Elizabeth: Yeah! I'll give you a quarter?

Sam: (puts hands on hips) How about two dollars!

Elizabeth: Okay, how about fifty cents?

Sam: A dollar!

Elizabeth: no way!

Sam: Okay... then you each give me a quarter, and that will make a dollar.

(We all agree, and he goes to change. A little while later, the youngest sibling comes up to us after Sam must have showed her what he'd gotten.)

Collette (age 4): Hey! I'm wearing jeans! Where's *my* dollar?

We all laugh hysterically.

Me: Good one, Collette!

Collette: (puts her hands on her hips) I'm being serious!

We all laugh again. Tee hee. Kids are so sweet. I'll miss them so much when I leave. :-(

*emmett* ~ who loves these kids more than anything :)

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