Thursday, June 24, 2004

Diary of a Worm.

I bought the BEST book today! No seriously, this is way better than that Harry Potter stuff that people seem to enjoy so much. So you want to know what it is? It's called Diary of a Worm by Doreen Cronin.

Seriously... it's hysterical! Sure it's a children's book, but you need to run to the bookstore or library and read it (it's fairly short). And if you're too lazy to do that (I would be... LOL), maybe I'll post a page per day. The stuff that I put in these: [ ] are little talking/thinking bubbles done by the characters of the book. :) So here's today's:

"March 20

Mom says there are three things I should always remember:

1. The earth gives us everything we need.

2. When we dig tunnels, we help take care of the earth. [Must make tunnel -- help earth breathe!]

3. Never bother Daddy when he's eating the newspaper. [CHOMP!]"

That's a pretty cute first page... but it gets better. I know you're holding your breath just waiting for tomorrow. I *know* you can't wait! But good things come to those who wait patiently. :)

*emmett* ~ who loves her new book and actually paid FULL price for it! (She never pays full price for anything... especially books. LOL.)

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