Friday, April 13, 2012

Touring the Master Bathroom.

I thought it would be cool to do room tours on my blog. :-)

Kinda random, but I wanted to show our master bathroom today...

My side of the sink... (basket [similar to this one] holds mousse, hairbrushes, scissors)

Closeup of center:
soap pump, silk flowers in Ball jar, 
Ralph Lauren candle, Ralph Lauren fabric box (candle came in this; it now holds clothing tags)
small basket filled with everyday essentials:
earrings, barrettes, favorite bracelet, tweezers, nail clippers 

 Box on top of toilet came from Ross Clearance for $10.
Holds random lotions and scrubs.
Jeremy's basket holds his daily essentials:
deodorant, face wash, meds, etc.

This came from a garage sale...

Box to hold magazines and after-shower tile spray (had just cleaned it out, sorry :-p )

Trash can from Pier 1.

Little "Hope" bear. I just think he's so cute, and didn't know where else to put him.
Hey, he matches! ;-)
Mirror and shelf from IKEA. 

Mix and match towels. 

To the left of window....

To the right of window... 

Jute bath mat (we just lay a towel down on top of this,
and that way it's SO much easier to toss a small towel in the wash, 
than a bath rug. ;-)

That's it! Hope you enjoyed the tour! :-)

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Lauren said...

What a lovely, relaxing looking room!