Friday, April 27, 2012

Confessing my Love for Ju Ju Be.

My new favorite diaper bags:

And how cute is that song?! Love it.

I think I've become obsessed with this company. Okay, I have. Kind of embarrassing, but really, I have.

Honestly, (in my opinion) as far as functionality and loveability (I just made that up... but come on! ... a Mommy pocket in most bags, and the bags are machine washable?!? HELLO!??!), they blow Petunia Pickle Bottom and Coach's diaper bags out of the water! They're awesome.

That is all. :-)


Linds said...

You made a fan out of me, that's for sure! -Linds

Chris and Paige Evans said...

I'd never heard of these bags until your email and then just yesterday I was at baby gap and saw a mom with the pretty tweet bag! It's soooo cute in real life!

Bashful said...

I'm sold, and I don't even have a baby, LOL! After that commercial, I just had to check them out. They make other bags, too - not just diaper bags! And they have "earth leather" bags - machine-washable and animal-free! (I think they owe you a commission, LOL.)