Thursday, April 19, 2012

Finding Navy Things for Hattie.

I *love* putting Hattie in blue. LOVE.

Maybe it's because she has beautiful, blue eyes, 
but I think even if her eyes were a different color,
I'd still want to dress her in lots of blue.

Because blue is my favorite color. :-)

And when I see something in navy, well...
umm... let's just say I have a *very* difficult time
restraining myself. LOL. :-p

Cute blue stuff I've found...
Adorable suit from Janie and Jack

I'm not too keen on 2-pieces (especially for babies :-p ), but still, this is adorable. :-)
Too bad I've already bought Hattie several bathing suits for the summer.
(Jeremy's parents have a pool! :-D )
I think I spent less money on FOUR bathing suits, 
than the price of this *one.* Hee hee.

I'm such a sucker for bucket hats for babies.
Hattie has two, and if I find one like this one (from Mini Boden) in a store,
I'd probably buy it. :-)

Oh, sweet florals and faded blues. 
Be still my blue-loving heart. :-D
These overalls are also from Mini Boden.
A little out of my price range, but adorable nonetheless.

A friend lent us an *adorable* vintage, navy, sailor dress
(similar to this one, but has a red bow),
and I can't wait for her to wear it!
I found this one on Etsy, and it's precious. :-)

I had some very similar to these Saltwater sandals when I was a little girl!
I had them in white though. :-p
I would have *loved* to find them in navy (for less),
but... no such luck yet.
I *did* find them in white (her size) on ebay for less than half of retail.
I snatched them up. :-D
(I did find her some cute navy sandals, like these though! ;-) )

Oh my. 
When I saw this romper, I knew I *had* to get it for her.
I waited till it was 40% off. Hee hee. :-)

And last, but certainly not least...
don't forget about navy pajamas!
Hattie sleeps best when the house is cold, 
but she is toasty warm in long jammies.
Couldn't resist these... navy *and* seahorses? Yes, please. :-)

So do you find *your*self gravitating toward a certain color or shade
for you or your kids?

And see any adorable blue clothes/accessories for girls lately?
Link me up! :-)


Cassi said...

adorable finds reyanna! i don't know which is my favorite the bathing suit or the sailor dress, hattie will be styling' the whole summer.

Valerie Bishop said...

Oh how I wish I had babies again these clothes are just precious! And so is your Hattie! She's getting so big....didn't you just give birth last week??

Christa said...

I think I miss little baby clothes almost as much as little babies themselves! So cute!

Patricia said...

Oh, how adorable...they look so teeny navy and definitely a must for that sweet little one!