Friday, April 6, 2012

Growing Up: Hattie at Eight Months

Happy 8 Months to Miss Hattie Camille!

She's 28.5 inches long. (90% percentile)

She's 16 pounds, 7 ounces. (30% percentile)

She's very curious and interested in everything... seems to be taking in everything ...

Favorite toys: balls (her bowls that snap together to make balls...), purple chimpanzee "Chimpy," toy cell phone, toy piano.

Favorite books: still Goodnight Moon and Babies
And now she loves Jillian Jiggs too. 
(It surprises me that she can sit through this WHOLE book!)

Favorite things to do: Skype, look at photos, crawl around the house,
pet the animals (the dogs are over it, the cat still loves it! LOL.)

I said it two months ago, but I'll say it again, this child LOOOOVES photos.
Photos on the wall. Photos in books and magazines. 
Photos in my photo drawers (yes, she opens the drawers and pulls them out... 
every single day, several times a day ;-) ). I don't want to move them. :-(

... even photos of fit models on the racks at Target! LOL. 
Seriously, if there is a photo ANYWHERE, she sees it and *shrieks* with glee.

LOVES her Daddy, and gets SO excited when she sees him or hears his voice
(even on the phone). :-)

Finding clothes for a long and skinny child is quite the challenge. LOL. 

Since she's so skinny, she can wear dresses anywhere from 3-12 months (depending on brand/style). 

Tops/sweaters are 3-6 months and 6-9 months.
Pants/capris are 12 months.
Rompers... uhh... I think 9-12 or 12+ months. She's SOOOOO long! LOL. :-p
(Onesies are the spawn, I've discovered. LOL.)
See? A challenge! LOL.

Has very blue eyes. People comment on them quite often. I LOVE them. :-)

(This photo is actually the closest to her true color...)

Gets hot VERY easily. 
At night, *I'm* wearing a long-sleeved shirt and pants, under a sheet, quilt and fleece blanket.
And Hattie? She's wearing a t-shirt and shorts and lying *on top* of the blankets... ;-)

For the past month, she's down to two naps a day.
(Although she'll sneak in a 3rd if we're in the car. ;-) )

Still loves being swaddled at nap-time.
But hates being swaddled at night. LOL. 
Whatever makes her happy... and sleepy... ;-)

Loves being outside.

Loves walks in the Ergo or the stroller.
We go hiking every weekend now that the weather is glorious, and she LOVES hikes. :-)
(Okay, this photo was the end of the hike, and she was *exhausted*! LOL.)

Loves ALL food. But I think smoothies are her favorite. :-)

Started her "army crawl" at 6 months, and she's gotten pretty fast now! 

Can go from sitting to crawling. (yay! She's STOKED about this one! LOL.)

Can pull up to standing from sitting.

Can back herself off the couch (no help!) to a standing position.
(Of course, I'm right there to make sure she doesn't fall.)

LOVES to clap her hands. 

Can do the signs for "more," "milk," and "mommy."
(Although I think she thinks that "more" and clapping are the same thing... LOL.)

Bathtime is one of her favorite parts of the day.
She loves to splash and crawl around and play with the drain. LOL. :-p

So excited for her first Easter. I actually got us matching outfits. Heeee!
(Okay, not Jeremy, but I should find him a coordinating tie... ;-) )

All in all, she's such an amazing baby!
She very rarely cries, and she's just SO happy and social and loving. :-)
We love her so. :-D

Happy 8 Months, Little Bunny! We're more in love with you every day! :-)


Jessica said...

oooh what a cutie!!! I always love reading your blog so happy you updated! Now you have to get in the mood to scrap some of these pictures!

Chris and Paige Evans said...

Oh my goodness could she BE any cuter!!! Seriously, her eyes are amazing! You're a lucky mama and she's a lucky girl to have you as her mama!

Jennie M said...

Such wonderful photos and a great update!!!

hanna said...

its me, hanna. nice to accidentally find you on here. your family is beautiful. im a mama now too. his name is oliver edmund and he was born on st patrick's day 2011.