Monday, October 31, 2011

Growing Up: Hattie at Two Months

This is what Hattie thinks of me not doing a Two Month post for her:

And perhaps this next photo is her "amazement" look? ;-) Surprised face? Hmmm...
(I *did* take notes, so this is really is what she was doing at two months... even though she's almost 3 months now... LOL.)

At two months...

She's 23.75 inches long

She's 10 pounds 8 ounces.

She's GREAT at holding up her head. She's so strong. ;-)

Doesn't like the Moby for longer than 15-20 minutes. Prefers to be held, facing out... taking it all in. ;-)

Still in 0-3 month clothes, but she can fit into some 3-6 month stuff and can fit into 6-9 month pants (though baggy, but long enough). Yes, long legs. ;-)

Can now kick and grab toys on her activity mat and bouncer. So cute!

She had her first stuffy nose on September 17th. :-(

Doesn't really like being in the stroller, but we're working on it. Doesn't like the carseat either. :-p

Enjoys bath time.

First giggle on September 24th, at 10:15am. (See, I keep track! ;-) )

Always wakes up smiling, giggling and cooing. Even if she just drops her pacifier and wakes up, I'll go in to check on her, and she looks up at me with a HUGE smile and giggles. I give her the pacifier back, and she falls back asleep two minutes later. Silly girl.

She can reach out and grab my glasses and necklaces. I find this hilarious and laugh every time she does it. Hee hee. (I'm thinking once her grasp gets stronger on my necklace, I won't find it that funny... LOL.)

She smiled at her toys for the first time on October 5th, the day before she was two months old. :-)

We're more in love every day. :-)

-October 6, 2011-


theelfqueen said...

She's adorable! Good for you for taking notes! It's fun to watch them grow!

Betsy said...

Oh my goodness - that second photo with that itty bitty nose and mouth and those big eyes...swoon.

Amy said...

I just want to squeeze her up. She is so so so sweet and beautiful. And you take great notes!!!! Good job mamma.

Holly said...

She is adorable! Way to go mom for keeping such good notes!

Mary Jo said...

I can't believe she is two months already!
She is just beautiful!
And you are doing such a good job keeping track of milestones!

J Thax said...

She is so beautiful! Thanks for posting pictures!

Dalon said...

Reyanna, congratulations!!!! I used to follow your blog all the time, but can't seem to keep up with much lately, so I just discovered the new little addition to your family. She is beautiful! And you all look and sound so happy. I can remember those amazing moments when my boys were little. Those memories will always make me smile, and I hope you have the same experience. ;-)

Chris and Paige Evans said...

I can't get over how ADORABLE she is! I want to meet her so badly!

Keshet said...

She is so so adorable Rey:) Love that first photo!