Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Going Through Old Love Notes.

Photo by Jeremy (with the help of PhotoShop), 2005.

I was going through my scrapbook (read: love notes and memorabilia in a magnetic album) from 2000-2003 yesterday. I wasn't a scrapbooker back then. Well, not like I am now. I collected stuff and memories and stories and photos, but I didn't use any pretty papers or punches. ;-)

I kept every single love note hubby gave me while we were dating. (He kept all the ones I gave him too, so they're in that album as well.) I found this one, and I had to share:

November 22, 2000 (we had been dating for less than three weeks)


I just stopped by to say hello. My dad and I spent the morning at the tubs [natural hot springs in Pagosa Springs, Colorado]/hanging out, and we wanted to know if you and your sister wanted to play Monopoly some time tonight. Are you still going to the play try-outs?

Anyhow, I actually broke into your house to leave this message. So, I'll be going now...

I do miss your smiling face!


Read other side too...

By the way, while I was here, I used your restroom. That's all, though.

No. Wait. I petted your animals too... and tried on some of your clothes, and drank some water, and ate some candy, and baked a cake, and read your journal, and peed in your bed, and rubbed Kama Sutra oil all over my body... then licked it off, and I also stole all your nude baby photos...

I should go. :)

And that's all. LOL. I still think he's hilarious. We just *get* each other, you know?! We're very silly. :-p

I feel the need to explain the "nude baby photos" part (and the Kama Sutra oil, for that matter). LOL. You see, my dad was a professional photographer. And you ladies and gents know this! When you are a professional photographer, and you have a cute baby, you lay her on a rug in all her bare, baby bottom glory! You know... for your portfolio. :-)

So this photo just happened to be hanging in my house... 11x14 or 16x20 size! And I think while we were dating (and you know, me being 19 at the time), hubby found this weird. LOL.

Okay, now I feel the need to share the photo... LOL. (Sorry for the poor quality. Can't find my scanner cable, so I took a photo of a photo.)

It's still Jeremy's favorite photo of me... as a baby. (Or maybe... of all time?!) ;-)

And as for the Kama Sutra oil thing. That was a TOTAL inside joke. Neither of us actually *owned* any, but we knew someone (two people...) who received it as a gift, and we have this VERY funny story about it, but I'm not sure I can share that here. LOL. Like I said, we are very silly. :-p

Anywho, I love re-reading old love notes from Jeremy. I wanted to do a layout of older stuff, so that's how I came to open this album. Maybe I need to make a mini-album of all his love notes. :-)

And of course, I should share something scrappy. :-) FINALLY got something hung up in our room. Oh, decor. Mmmm... Makes our bedroom feel homey. :-)

That sconce was only $5 at a really awesome, vintage store in Belton, TX. The silk flowers are from Michaels' Clearance section. The frames were $4 for the set. I've had them for two years now, I think! LOL.

Hamby doily rub-ons, Jillibean Soup (and some random others) brown buttons, and American Crafts & Bazzill cardstock. Most all that stuff from Studio Calico's January kit. :-)

I chose papers that match with our quilt. I think they look so lovely! :-D

Jeremy said I should have put the largest doily on the blue paper, so that one could have gone in the middle. Yes, I would have liked to, but the doily actually stuck down where I didn't want it to, and there was no turning back! LOL. Ah well. :-)

Thanks for stopping by today! :-D


Kelly Noel said...

hahahaha...that love note is cracking me up! how funny!
and i love your new looks great!

Ally said...

omgosh- that is the funniest "love note" ever. Seriously, your hubs is hysterical.

Jacquie said...

love your home decor!

Chris and Paige Evans said...

This post made me pee my pants laughing. Too much information? Sorry :) Your husband is just so funny!

Love your wall decor Reyanna - I'm inspired!

Davinie Fiero said...

I love that silly note! For the record.... I have photos of myself as a baby in a similar pose, on a dark brown rug. And I didn't have a photographer parent.
I didn't do this to my own kids. heeee.

Jaime Wilkins said...

Haha I love the note. I have all the letters I wrote my husband when we were still friends. His mom threw mine away =( She didn't have any idea we'd end up together!

Sarah said...

Funny note! Good idea with the frames! TFS!

rmeyfe said...

LOVE the love note that is great!! I love that picture with the llama too!! To funny!!

Kelly said...

Awesome love note ;o)
And what a sweet pic. You were so cute!!

milkcan said...

Oh my gosh! Love all the sweet love note!

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feel free to follow me back ! :)

xoxo lexie

Jeri Aaron said...

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Marit said...

I love men who write such notes... (I have one too!) And you should definitely do something with the ones you have! Have a nice weekend!