Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Remembering September 2009.

In September 2009...

... my sister re-did her daughters' room! It looked SO cool! :-D She's so talented! She painted that Eiffel Tower herself!

I sold my Corelle dishes on Craigslist...

You may not think that selling dishware warrants a photo and a mention, but on the contrary, my friends! These dishes were a gift to me when I was... I think, 12. I LOVED them, and my mom got them for me for Christmas... for my Hope Chest.

I was ECSTATIC! LOL. I couldn't wait to use them, but I had to wait until I was 17 and went off to college (June 1999). So yeah, I used them from then... till September 2009. Then I got FiestaWare. :-)

We finally filed a claim with the insurance company (regarding the Hail Storm of 2009), sold our cars to them, and bought a Jeep Grand Cherokee. I LOVE this car. And I LOVE the pretty, blueberry color. :-) Mmmm... blueberries.

I cut my hair... shorter. ;-)

I was able to visit two very special friends from Colorado. Bethina (left) moved here to Texas, and her sister, Holly, (right) was here visiting from California. They were actually my sister's high school friends, and when I came home from college, I was able to hang out with them too (or you know, shuttle my sister to and from their house... LOL). I love that we're still friends! We were able to spend a whole day scrapbooking. And I had so much fun that I ended up spending the night! LOL.

And of course, I got to spend time with Bethina's super-adorable boys... who apparently, were playing camera-shy in this photo.

And my favorite page from September was made with that month's Studio Calico kit, Cotillion. SO much blue and green yummyness in that kit! :-D


Tonya said...

Your sister's decorating skills rock and so does your shorter hair...super cute! Love your LO too, the perfect touches!

Mandy said...

Love the layout and your shorter hair do!!

lisa truesdell said...

oooh, the pics on that page - too perfect. =) yay for friends that scrapbook w/ all night!

Chris and Paige Evans said...

Whoa that room is a teenager's dream come true!

I absolutely love your Humor Me layout. I love the colors and how you clustered groups of embellishments/journaling. Way to go girl!