Sunday, February 28, 2010

Remembering October 2009.

Umm... October was a VERY stressful month in 2009. You know how I know?! The ONLY photos I took were of HOUSES! LOL.

October 1st: Started loan process.

October 2nd: Pre-approval and house-hunting commenced. (Honestly, when our processor told us we could find a house that weekend and put in an offer that weekend, I pretty much told her she was NUTS! LOL.)

October 2nd-5th: We viewed TWELVE houses in FOUR days. Our realtor = AMAZING-NESS.

We first thought we were going to get this house, which we LOVED, but it was one block from a busy street AND railroad tracks (read: You could see them both from the backyard). It ended up that it wasn't even available for sale... the listing agent totally took us for a ride (our realtor was NOT happy with the listing agent's lack of ethics)... what a disappointment the house wasn't available. It had the MOST amazing scrap room (and backyard)... EVER.

When this fell through, we were crushed, but we were confident that it wasn't meant to be, and that we'd find something better!

October 4th: 10th and 12th houses (viewed by Jeremy and our realtor, while I was at work) were moved into the Top/Final Two. He loved the 10th house most (I got rid of the photos, darn it!), but he knew I'd love the 12th house most (I was in love, just by the photos)...

Seriously... how could I not love these beautiful floors and all this open space?!

October 5th: 12th House was made 1st choice because it had just about everything we wanted (save two things). 10th House had a beautiful yard (read: lonely, elderly Korean man who loves to garden = immaculate back/front yards), but we decided we could make the 12th House yard wonderful AND have the inside how we wanted, and we put in an offer.

October 6th: Offer accepted!

October 11th: Inspection done. We passed! ;-)

October 12th: We ask them to fix the roof.

October 17th: Still talking about the roof... LOL.

October 18th: They agree to fix the roof! (It was covered under insurance anyway! :-D )

October 21st: Appraisal done. (Note: I was SO stressed and PETRIFIED that this would hurt us.)

October 22nd: Appraised for more than we were paying, so we were in the clear! PHEW!

We pretty much visited the house four or five more times during the month of October. We set closing for November 4th... less than one month after we put in the offer! WOW!

I did NOT get my hopes up or start packing our apartment this WHOLE time. I'm usually very optimistic, but this time, I was VERY wary. Pretty much all my friends and family thought I was CRAZY. LOL. Thank GOD Jeremy stayed very patient and calm through this whole process because I was a WRECK! LOL.

I also did only ONE layout (I think) during October. Well, maybe I didn't do one at all, but I *posted* one in my gallery! ;-)

And that was October. We were on our way to becoming homeowners! Gosh, it went by so quickly, but it seemed to last FOREVER! ;-)


Christa said...

Holy Busy-ness!!
That is a great layout!

lisa truesdell said...

love that page. and your whirlwind house hunt!!

Jessica said...

What a great way to document your year & your house hunt. You will appreciate this in years to come!

debbieback said...

we saw 18 houses in 1 day when we moved in 2001. it was crazy and we had the best realtor. househunting is so fun =)

Donna said...

love your layout! We've been on the house hunt for months now.....

Chris and Paige Evans said...

I hope that some day (it still feels forever least 7.5 years! Ah!) our house hunt goes as smoothly and painlessly as yours!

Lovely layout, too!