Sunday, January 4, 2009


I can't believe it. Alaura Dawn (right) and Brenna Rey (left) are SEVEN years old today. SEVEN! I knew they'd be beautiful... before they were born, I knew. But I could never imagine how gorgeous they would be. Or sweet. (Or sassy.) Or fun. Or how much I'd ache whenever I leave them (and their sister...). It truly hurts me to not be with them on their birthday. 

But you know, it's okay... I got to see them about every other weekend for three years. I really took advantage of living near them. And I feel blessed to have those memories... even if that time is over. :)

Now there are just photos. And phone calls. And video cam if we ever send them their new computer. ;) Though... I'm not complaining about the photos. Do I not have the most beautiful nieces ever?! I could just stare at those faces all day!

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