Thursday, January 8, 2009


I know I mention Studio Calico quite a bit. And you may think I'm obsessed with it...

And you would be right. :D

I was taking a nap yesterday, and when I woke up, I checked my email. And I received an email saying that my Studio Calico kit was on my doorstep. 

My breath catches in my chest as I jump up to run to the front door. And my kit? It's already sitting in the hallway...

"WHAT?!?! Jeremy!" I yell.  "My kit came, and you didn't even wake me up?!" 

"Well, you just looked very peaceful, and I wanted to let you sleep."

"Jeremy! You know this is my favorite day of the month!"

We both giggled, and I sat down at the table and dug in to my yummy Studio Calico goodness. (Jeremy is forgiven, by the way.) This month, they premiered *new* exclusive papers, and they are beautiful. I woke up at 7:30 this morning to alter or scrap something with it. :)

Altering is fun. And even more fun with Studio Calico products. 

And I really want a donut.


*Paula* said...

LOL -too funny!

Helsbells said...

I feel slightly obsessed sometimes too - you are not alone! Love your little project :)

Jacquie said...

I oohed and awwed over mine too.
Did you hear about the UPS driver that got hijacked from his truck? I thought about you...heehee.

Kelly said...

Yay - enjoy that kit!!

mom2ee said...

how dare he not wake you up...that is like letting you sleep through the sneak and reveal nights...

Nichole said...

sigh..I remember those days that my kits would come. they were the best weren't they. but then I love getting anything in the mail.

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Aimee said...

okay, this post is hilarious. i'm in love w/ them too. and also, you really want a donut and that makes me laugh!