Monday, January 19, 2009


First off, I want to wish a VERY Happy Birthday to my sister's baby, Mairen Elizabeth. May (as her family calls her) is FOUR years old today! I can't believe how much time flies. She's so OLD! I'm so glad we got this super-awesome photo of the two of us, just this last November. And seriously, how cute is she?! Does my sister not have the most adorable girls ever? 

Happy Birthday Mary-Beth!! (My sister hates when I call her that. Tee hee.)

So this last week? Seriously worst week of my entire life. It's so bad, I can't even share it with people because that would entail reliving the horror. *sigh*

And... in grand Reyanna fashion (tee hee), this is my post-yucky-week happy post. :)

Things that made me smile today:

1. Talking to my grandfather and being able to say, "See you in three days!" Yay! And also, laughing along with him while he teased my grandmother. :p

2. Getting out of the house without having an anxiety attack (they're not common in my life, but they definitely were this last week). 

3. Getting most of my errands done (oil change and post office will have to wait until tomorrow). 

4. Finding the VERY two books I wanted from the Christian bookstore.

5. Talking to my bosses about last week. (Insert BIG SIGH here.)

5. Hearing my favorite song (Walking in Memphis) on the radio while I waited in line at the *wrong* grocery store (there are too darn many HEBs in my area) to return my expired (read: rancid and very gross) cereal. Yeah, I still smiled. LOL.

6. The grocery guy who promptly took the remainder of expired cereal off the shelves (you know, once I actually *got* to the correct grocery store).

7. Finding six camis (all of mine accidentally were sent to the thrift store...), three tops, and two pairs of socks at Old Navy: all for $38. AND getting to use a gift card on said purchase. :)

8. Jeremy saying to me, "You had a rough week, and you've been really strong. You should go treat yourself." :D

8. A Mexican Vanilla milkshake from Amy's. 

9. Stopping at the new Vietnamese restaurant (on my street!) to get spring rolls and a nice big bowl of Pho Ga. :)

10. Noticing that said Vietnamese restaurant uses my *same* rice cooker. Tee hee.

11. CHA is this coming weekend, and I'm FINALLY going! So excited to see online friends and represent this great website. :)

12. Not wearing a bra today. :D

13. Getting five compliments on my new super-short haircut. :)


april said...

i love spring rolls...if only there was a good place here to get them.

oh, and happy birthday Mairen!

Kimber-Leigh said...

i'm jealous of your milkshake...i love amy's ice cream!!!

ValAnn said...

You are such a great person! So positive after your rough week! Your hair cut looks great! So make that 6 compliments! Mine keeps getting shorter and shorter and I like it more with every cut! Which 2 books did you get?