Monday, November 19, 2007


So day after tomorrow, we're heading out again. This time to Texas. Weren't we just *on* a plane?! *sigh* I'm not much for flying. All that walking through the airport, and you're thinking, "I just want to get to my gate and sit down!" And then you get on the plane and you're thinking, "I just want to get there so I can stand up!" Tee hee. And I seem to be hungry ALL the time in airports. I think it's the overpriced food... it calls out to you... some sort of subliminal message.

Though, this plane trip won't be as long as the one to California so that's a relief. :) We're spending Thanksgiving with Jeremy's family. I finally get to meet the aunts, uncles and cousins... finally, after five years of marriage. :D

I have seriously been looking forward (for two months!) to warmer weather! 70s and 80s... sun, short sleeves, no jacket, for eight days... ahhhh... it'll be so nice...

Uh-huh. Yeah. Then I decided to check the weather. *sigh* Just.My.Luck. The day we leave? Sunny and 86 degrees. The whole week we're there? Rain. RAIN.RAIN! And temps in the 30s and 40ss. And the day we come home? Sunny and 70 degrees, of course. *laugh* You just have to laugh at that.

San Antonio is punishing me for what I did last time. Yeah, that handstand picture? That's me. I'm doing a handstand at the Alamo. I don't just stand places and take pictures. That's too boring for me. I must do a handstand instead.

And see, you're allowed to take pictures of the Alamo. You're allowed to take a picture of yourself in front of the Alamo. But doing a *handstand* in front of the Alamo? Umm... yeah, not allowed.

And word to the wise, if *you* ever decide to do a handstand at the Alamo... and you're up in the handstand, and you hear a loud whistle, and some big guy yelling... yeah, that would be the security guard, yelling at you to get down and get out! Or so I've heard...

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Emilie Ahern said...

LOL! I love the picture.

And I love to see you defaming American Historical sites.