Thursday, November 8, 2007


A friend of mine asked me about my favorite movies and TV shows. When I replied to her (through email), I thought, "You may be sorry you got me started... I am quite long-winded... in case you didn't know..."

See, most people can just spout of some answers, but for me? It's more than that.

Favorite movie of all time: Sound of Music

Favorite movie I watch over and over and never get sick of: Love Actually

Other movies I could watch over and over and over: Groundhog Day, When Harry Met Sally, Speechless, 50 First Dates

Did you want genres too? I usually do those, but I'll just list my other favorite movies! :D

V for Vendetta, The Parent Trap (both), Pollyanna, Disney's Sleeping Beauty, The Motorcycle Diaries (you MUST see this if you haven't... it's a drama about Che Guevara... awesome! I was forced to watch it for college Spanish, and I'm SO thankful now. Who knew?!), Wayne's World, Stranger Than Fiction (I brought you flours!), The Shawshank Redemption, Rudy, White Oleander, Amelie.

Then there's a few that I thought were AMAZING, but I couldn't watch again... like Monster's Ball and Adaptation. I thought V for Vendetta was one of those too, but I've seen it three times now, and I just close my eyes at scary parts. :D

And TV shows. Well, okay, here's the thing. A few years ago, we hardly ever watched TV, Jeremy NEVER watched it so we got rid of it. We watched movies on our computer. Then this last summer, Jeremy decided he *needed* a 32" flat screen, HD LCD TV and HD antenna so that he could watch CSI in Hi-Def. The only show he'll watch (a friend got him hooked). So... we got a TV (MUCH to my chagrin... I put up a fight like you wouldn't believe!), and you know what?! We do watch CSI... most of the time. But that's it. It's used for DVDs. I forget we even have one until I want to watch a movie. It's a glorified movie screen, hanging on the wall.

That being said, I still have favorite shows. Favorite of all time is Friends. I own all seasons on DVD, and I watch it *every* day (pathetic? I think yes!). I used to be a faithful Desperate Housewives fan, but when we got rid of our TV, I fell out of that phase. I was able to watch it a few weeks ago, I still like it, but I always forget to watch it. And Jeremy hates it with the very core of his being so he probably wouldn't let me watch it anyway. :p

So... the only show I watch religiously now (that's *not* in syndication) is Pushing Daisies. It's just... *sigh* awesome. Lee Pace is adorable, and I think I like it because it's just so different from everything else I've ever seen. Jeremy doesn't like me watching it though (remember... hates TV... if he would only *watch* one episode... sheesh) so I watch it online on Thursday mornings. Guess what today is?! Thursday! WOOHOO!!

I also LOVE the Ellen DeGeneres Show. I used to watch that religiously too, and if I was going to miss it, I'd tape it. We no longer have a VCR, and get this... I *forget* to watch it on a daily basis. Grrr. Then when I realize I've missed it... usually at like 3:57, I'm like, "SHOOT! I missed Ellen! Dang it!"

I guess that means that I'm over the TV thing. I'm too busy scrapbooking, thinking about scrapbooking... or visiting and private messaging, blogging or posting threads regarding scrapbooking. Or yesterday, getting my oil changed.

I contemplated changing the channel to Ellen at the oil change place, but this 90-year-old man was watching CNBC. After much deliberation:

"I want to watch Ellen! It's 3:00! I'm remembering! Should I ask the old man if I can change it? He's old. And maybe all he wants to do is watch CNBC in peace. Perhaps he could die tomorrow, and he will be lying on his deathbed thinking, 'I'm so glad I got to watch CNBC while I got my oil changed. Knowing that gas prices are astronomical is definitely what I wanted to hear before seeing the Big Guy. It was so nice that they just let me watch my CNBC in peace.' Should I ask these ladies reading the latest Britney gossip? Should I just change the channel without asking? I want to watch Ellen! It's possible they don't like Ellen, and Ellen for them is the equivalent of Soaps and Infomercials for me. Oh, dang it. I'll just read this book on Money-Management that I brought. Dang CNBC."

But I digress. Sigh.

So the short answer to the TV question: Friends, Pushing Daisies, Ellen DeGeneres, CSI, Desperate Housewives. :D (But you really appreciated that story, right?! ;) )

I just don't have a simple answer for anything. Does that make me opinionated or interesting? Both? Maybe? Maybe. :)

Update: Pushing Daisies was not a new episode last night. Bummer. :(


Generator Guy said...

My wife loves pushing daisey's too, even I can watch the PIE HOLE...

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ValAnn said...

Love the rambling, long answer, it means I'm not the only one that can't keep it short!

Ropheka said...

Nice Blog :)

Heather said...

You are so funny girl. I love the 90 year old guy part. LOL I hate TV. It's almost never on if DH isn't here and if it is it's tuned to the radio station on the satellite. You know the XM thingys. I love listening to the 90's channel. The fact that they have a channel from when I was a teen kinda freaks me out. Do you think we are getting old?!