Sunday, November 11, 2007


I found this at LauraVegas' blog, and I thought it looked fun. :D

1. are you taller than your best friend? Yes, for some reason, I'm always taller than my best friends. Oh! except Britt... we're the same height. :D But Camille? She's a shorty. ;)

2. do you have a favorite type of pen? I do... fat ones. Especially these. Mmm... those are good.

3. look at your planner for November 28, what are you doing? I will be flying home from Texas.

4. what color are your toenails usually? during the summer, they're Mamma Mia by OPI. During the fall/winter, I don't paint them. *sigh* I should.

5. what was the last thing you highlighted? hmmm... I'm thinking... some sort of text... with a highlighter

6. what color are the curtains in your bedroom? beige (IKEA was out of dark brown, darn it!)

7. what color are the seats in your car? grey... yeah, I'm pretty sure they're grey.

8. have you ever had a black and white cat? I love black cats best. I've had Asher and Sydney (both had a bit of white on them).

9. what is the last thing you put a stamp on? My student loan bills. Ugh.

10. do you know anyone who lives in wyoming? uhhh... nope, but my mom was born there! She lived there for about 3 months. :p

11. why did you withdraw cash from the ATM the last time? I don't do that unless I do laundry at the Laundromat. Does using your debit card at the grocery store count? If so, then I took out money to tip our bagger. :)

12. who is the last baby that you held? Wow... it's been a while. I think Corbin, my friend Rachel's baby.

13. can you spell well? yes, I can. And I also have spell-check-as-you-type on Firefox. YESS. :)

14. do you like cinnamon toothpaste? yup, and that's what we always use!

15. what kind of car were you driving 2 years ago? same one as now. My Toyota Corolla. Love that car. :)

16. pick one: miami hurricanes or florida gators? Well, I wouldn't like to be in a hurricane, and I wouldn't want to meet a gator that wasn't in a zoo. Wait... are these sports teams?!

17. last time you went to Six Flags? Oh, gosh, umm... it was either last summer or the summer before that. We had annual passes.

18. which show currently making new episodes should be canceled? I have no idea because I don't watch television. But I heard they made a show about the insurance cavemen?! What?! Probably that one. Tee hee.

19. closest thing to you that is yellow? A cereal box. It's on the computer table because I was eating cereal while I was on message boards. LOL.

20. last person you gave a business card? Weird! We were just designing my business cards this morning! So... nobody yet. :D

21. who is the last person you wrote a check to? Again, student loan payment to St. Mary's University of Minnesota. :p

22. closest framed picture to you? Directly to my left. I'm swinging on a tire swing. :D

23. last time you had someone cook for you? Just a few weeks ago. I was visiting my grandparents. My grandpa made *THE* best omelet ever!! It was bacon, onion and avocado... seriously best omelet ever (and I don't even *like* avocado)!

24. have you ever applied for welfare? nope

25. how many emails do you get in your inbox daily (excluding spam)? hmm... maybe 5?

26. last time you received flowers? Actually, Jeremy got me tulips for Valentine's this year! Wow, they were beautiful. :D

27. what is the weather like? It's 2:42 pm, and it's 39 degrees. Brrr...

28. do you play air guitar? LOL. Yes... whenever I hear the Who on CSI (if I ever watch it).

29. has anyone ever proposed to you? yeah... Jeremy did twice! LOL. He said it felt so good the first time that he wanted to ask me again... so he did. So two proposals in a time-frame of about 60 seconds.

30. do you take anything in your coffee? depends on my mood... sometimes black, sometimes milk and sugar

31. do you have any Willow Tree figurines? never even heard of them

32. what is/was your high school's mascot? we were the Pirates. The Pagosa Pirates. But I once was able to convince a gullible friend that we were the Pagosa Springs Wombats, and our colors were baby pink and sky blue. That was funny.

33. last person you spoke to from high school? one of my best friends from high school, Kim. She called me Friday night, just to say hi (and that she has a new boyfriend... a guy we went to HS with. LOL.)

34. how often do you use hand sanitizer? a few times a day usually. LOL. I'm so anal about germs because I get sick so often.

35. would you like to learn to play the drums? uhh... nah.

36. what color are the blinds in your living room? I don't have blinds in the living room. I have curtains... ivory ones. We have blinds in the kitchen and bathroom... they're white. What a strange question.

37. is you furniture cloth or leather? wood and cloth

38. last thing you read in the newspaper? does online newspaper count? I read about a love story in Manhattan. Very sweet.

39. what was the last pageant you attended? pageant? Does the average American attend those?

40. what is the last place you bought pizza from? That wasn't frozen? Disneyland. LOL. They have gluten-free pizzas at Redd-Rocket's Pizza Port. :D And it was super tasty.

41. have you ever worn a crown? my wedding day... I bought a gold Disney princess crown and my sister hooked my veil to it. :D

42. what is the last thing you stapled? I don't even remember!

43. did you ever drink clear Pepsi? Yeah, I did! It was strange.

44. are you ticklish? yes, very. Jeremy is the most ticklish person ever though so in order to get out of being tickled, I just tickle him. :D

45. last time you saw fireworks? Labor Day. :D Oh wait! A few days after Labor Day, there were some RIGHT out my bathroom window. That was weird.

46. last time you had a Krispy Kreme doughnut? I've never actually had one. I didn't find out about them until after I discovered I was allergic/intolerant to wheat. I did chew on one once and then spit it out. Tastes like a doughnut. LOL.

47. who is the last person that left you a message & you actually returned it? Camille... to confirm our movie date for Friday. :D

48. has your mailbox ever been full? I think on Yahoo. Oh, wait, snail mail? Definitely.

49. do you have a black dog? nope, Amber is gold/white and Ruby is red/white.

50. can you give one reason why David Caruso is allowed to keep acting? UGH! NO! Can't STAND that guy. Worst actor ever. Perhaps he... you know... gave something extra special to somebody high up? It will boggle the mind forever... LOL.

51. are you an aunt or uncle? yup! I'm Ani (aw-nee)! Aunt to London (in Heaven), Cullen, Reysa, Alaura, Brenna and Mairen (May-May).

52. who has the prettiest eyes that you know of? Probably my sister. Oh! And my friend Melissa. WOW!

53. last time you saw a semi truck? yesterday... we did lots of driving around.

54. do you think people lie on these surveys? perhaps. I don't though!

55. what is something you know you need to do, but you keep making excuses? Putting stuff on ebay. The thrift store is so much more appealing

Okay, so now your turn! I mean, if you'd like... :D

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Brandy said...

Clear Pepsi?! I can't believe anyone remembers that! It was odd though. Found you through ScrapFaith and just wanted to thank you for your support (for real, I needed it!) Oh, and I am taking that questionaire with me -- some of those questions are hilarious!!