Tuesday, May 22, 2007

CKC Classes

I wanted to summarize each class I took at CKC (and post pics later) because I don't want to forget anything! So... here we go...

1. Basic Grey - Latest & Greatest
We ended up being 20 minutes late to this class so we had already missed TWO layouts. The three LOs were pretty cute. I glued down half of two of them until I decided that I really wanted to do my own thing. The kits were cute though, and I loved that it was BG paper... the reason I took the class. Really no new techniques, but a few pointers so that was nice! All in all, a pretty good class.

2. Shop Your Stash!
My first class with Brittany from CK. She was an excellent teacher; best I had at CK, actually. She felt so comfortable and really knew what she was talking about. Can't say enough good things about her! This class had GREAT pointers, but the unfortunate thing was that we had to memorize all the ideas for using our stash. They didn't print out a list. She just talked about them as we made our accordion mini-books so it was pretty tough to take it all in. The mini-book was pretty cute (black with some bright summer colors), and I was able to grab a pencil and jot down some ideas on the back of my driving directions. (I'm so resourceful! Tee hee.) I wish I could have gotten all the ideas though! *Note to self: Next year, have a small notebook and pencil handy for each class!*

3. LuCKy Girl
My second class with Brittany. We made a mini-book in a CD tin for this class, and I LOVED the papers!! I can't wait to finish this project! She wanted us to make a book with things that made us feel happy, lucky and blessed. She really encouraged us to "sway" from the example book and be creative, and I think that's what I liked best about her teaching style.

4. It's a Girl Thing
These Rusty Pickle papers were adorable!! Shaina and I took this class together (though we didn't get to sit together), and we just had so much fun with this! It was probably the most challenging class for me because there were instructions on putting it together, and since I'm not proficient at making albums in the shapes of handbags, I needed to listen! LOL. I loved that the papers were double-sided so it gave us room to go against the crowd. We didn't have time to decorate the pages, but I didn't mind. I'll have so much fun with this in the coming months! The teacher was great... very witty, laid back, and just downright cool. Her name escapes me for the moment, but she was great. (We we wearing the same RP shirt too!)

5. Shabby Chic Times Three!
Probably my least favorite class, but it had the CUTEST papers!! They were by... umm... shoot! I can't remember! Well, I'll have to find out. (Melissa Frances!) Anyway, these vintage children. Too cute! We traced with this very interesting hexagon thingy. The cutting tool was neat... just a needle on the end of a stick. We wanted to buy some later, but we were out of cash and far from an ATM. Next year! And I MUST get the pack of these papers. They are just too cute. I didn't put the three LOs together yet because they were VERY simple and basic (almost CM style) so I'll have to mix some of my products in and figure out what I'm doing with it. But cute papers. :D

6. 10 Things Every Scrapbooker Should Know
My third and final class from Brittany of CK. This was probably my favorite class. The project was cute (though not my favorite of all), but it gave SO much room to do your own thing. Like I said, I love Brittany's teaching style... or... way of thinking when it comes to "creating" scrap projects. She encouraged us to be our own artist and "do our own thing," which I loved!! I thought more teachers needed to have that philosophy. We learned a great technique... layering punched flowers and curving up the edges for a 3-D look. It looks amazing! And I'll probably do it all the time now. So glad I have the punch we used in class! I also went to Brittany afterward to introduce myself and let her know how fabulous her classes were. Shaina was with me, and she enjoyed meeting her as well. I let Brittany know that someday... I hope to work for CK or SS. :D

7. How Do I Love Thee...
This teacher seemed like she had never taught before. Granted, she *did* say that this was her first time teaching at CKC, but supposedly... teaches at her own scrapbook store. Basically, the class went like this: She handed out the kits and then said, "Let me know if you have any questions!" Now to me... that's not a *class*. That's a place you go to buy a page kit. And if I just wanted a page kit, I would have chosen one from from the Vendor Faire. But I don't buy page kits because I really like to do my own thing. So... that's what I did with what she gave me. The kit was cute. Shaina hated her class during the same block, and she wished she would have gone to this one instead. The kit *is* cute, and I'm kinda excited to put it together, but I wish I would have seen something interesting or new or different in that class. Oh well.

All in all, some good classes. Next year, we've decided that it would be better to maybe take only two or three classes and use the rest of the money to buy stuff or stay the third night. It was nice to take a bunch of classes though... just to see how they are and stuff. We had a great time!

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