Thursday, July 1, 2004

You Call This News?! And Some Worm.

My birthday is in 29 days! Woohoo! And on to more pressing matters...

Sometimes when I wake up in America, I think I'm in some kind of cheesy movie. For example, I wake up this morning and the top four headlines are:

"Saddam calls Bush 'Criminal'" (and he calls you a psycho, Saddam! What's it to ya?!)

"Scott Peterson liked sex talk." (Doesn't everybody?! ;-) )

"Eminem's ex-wife is in jail." (Again?!)

"Mom pelts Chuck E. Cheese mascot." (I'm not really interested in reading about a red-neck wedding reception.)

I kid you not! *Those* were the headlines for today. Whatever happened to pressing matters? Like... how's Mary-Kate's therapy going? How much money did Spiderman 2 rake in last night? And when is the date for J-Lo's next divorce?

I don't know, People. News these days is more like lunchroom gossip. Oh well. At least it gives us a nice laugh, right?!

And some more from Worm:

"April 4:

Fishing season started today. We all dug deeper.

Dad(as shovel digs into the ground): Did you guys hear something?

April 10:

It rained all night, and the ground was soaked. We spent the entire day on the sidewalk.

Hopscotch is a very dangerous game."

*emmett* ~ who had some honeydew melon for breakfast... and thought it was very sweet

p.s. Happy birthday today to my late Aunt Patrice and the late Princess Diana. :-)

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