Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Octavius, the ER and New Shoes!

I got to ride in an ambulance yesterday! Yay! I also got a tour of the emergency room. Fun! ;-) LOL.

Yes, I had an asthma attack yesterday while I was shopping for new shoes. (It must have been the high price that caused me to have the attack! ;-) ) Merrells *are* the BEST.SHOES.EVER. though... barnone! I feel like I'm walking on a piece of heaven. These are now my fifth pair of Merrells (all different styles, of course). Yay! And now I have navy-colored shoes! Woohoo!

But about my asthma... I'm fine now. Not to worry. A bit coughy and weak, but nonetheless, peachy as usual. :)

Okay... so yeah... last Monday I go out into my backyard, and there is a kitten out there! He's an older kitten (3-4 months old), and he looked so cute and small. He was also soaking wet! I live right behind the pool so I figured some dumbass (excuse my French due to my frustration) decided it would be fun and exciting to toss a kitten in the pool repeatedly and then drop it into my backyard. But... Emmett to the rescue!

I went door to door to find his home, but had no luck. A girl though told me the whole story (she could see the pool from her window). Sheesh! My next-door neighbors need to be castrated!


I called the building manager and left a message, and a woman called back the next morning. It went like this:

Hispanic woman: Yes, I get your message about found kitten.

Me: Yes, I found one in my backyard. Has anybody called saying they lost one?

Hispanic woman: No.

Me: (bummed out) Oh... well, if anybody calls, I have him here at my house.

Hispanic woman: What color is he?

Me: He's white.

Hispanic woman: Does he have brown ears and brown tail?

Me: YES! Well, orange ears and tail, but yes!

Hispanic woman: (passively) Oh... that's mine. (giggle)

... silence...

Me: Okay... ummm... he had been thrown in the pool, but I'm taking good care of him. I dried him off, and he slept with us, and my puppies love him! And don't worry because I got him food and a litter box.

Hispanic woman: Yes, he's housetrained.

Me: I know... that's why I got him a litterbox. So... what's his name?

Hispanic woman: Well, we just got him. My brother just gave him to me because he didn't want him. He used to have a collar.

Me: (dumbfounded by the fact that she told me a useless piece of info like... "He used to have a collar") Okay...

Hispanic woman: So... I haven't really given him name yet, but my son want to call him Delicious!

Me: Delicious? Are you serious? Umm... that's silly. I'm calling him Octavius, for now, because it's a nice big and strong name! And I like that name. So as I was saying, he was thrown in the pool by my neighbors.

Hispanic woman: The pool? That's bad. That's like... mean. That's like animal... animal... cruel... ty.

Me: Yes, it is. Why was he outside?

Hispanic woman: Well, he does not get along with my chihuahua so I put the cat out on the back porch, and he just like... took off!

Me: Yes, cats will do that if you let them out. You'll have to keep him as an inside cat if you don't want him to get hurt again.

Hispanic woman: yeah...

Me: So when are you going to come get him?

Hispanic woman: Well, I suppose... I can just... come and get him in at my lunchbreak.

Me: Okay, I'll be waiting. Thanks. See you then.

This woman has now had eight lunchbreaks since that conversation, and I have yet to have a knock on my door or a telephone call from anybody regarding this sweet little kitty. So... it's safe to say that this poor kitty was abandoned, tossed outside, torchered by means of the pool, found by me, and abandoned by said woman. Poor little Octavius.

I am taking good care of him. I first wanted to keep him, but then I pictured us driving 3500 miles with two puppies and a kitten in the car. Does not sound like fun to me. Plus, since I had this bad asthma attack yesterday, I should probably not surround myself with any sort of "trigger." Ruby and Amber don't shed so I know they're not the problem.

I'm bummed about giving him away though. He's so sweet, and he LOVES to cuddle. Ruby loves him. She gives him kisses, plays with him, cuddles with him and even uses him as a pillow. Amber is more the motherly type. She'll sleep next to him and won't let him out of her sight. She makes sure he doesn't get into things. I'm sad to take him away from them, but I'm sure they'll be fine. :-)

So... as of right now, I'm looking for a home for him. I can't justify just taking him to the Humane Society. I know though that if I do take him there, they do F.B.I. background checks and make people jump through flaming hoops in order to get an animal from them. ;-) This makes me worry less, but I'd like to give him to somebody I *know*. I'm sure I'll figure something out.

For now... I'll just keep him away from my face while I sleep. I know he needs to be off my bed, but he LOVES my bed, and he loves to cuddle. How to say no to that little cute face?! I usually just push him over to Jeremy's side or lay him next to Ruby and Amber.

He's a cutie-patootie for sure. I'll keep you all posted. This is enough for today, Monkeys. You take care.

*emmett* ~ who loves herself some puppies and kitties...

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