Friday, May 21, 2004

Christmas in the Backyard!

Living between two families who have children is quite amusing. I mean, how cool is it to wake up every morning and find new stuff in your backyard? I mean, it's like every day is Christmas! So far I've found a glow-in-the-dark bouncy ball that looks like an eyeball, a baby doll, a blanket, a headband, a rubber ducky, a tennis ball... and today? An army man! It's so cool!

The funny thing is... they've only asked for one thing back: the tennis ball. They were throwing it on my roof one day and letting it roll back down to them. I was sick in bed so it was really getting on my nerves hearing this THUD... roll, roll, roll... THUD... roll, roll, roll.

Just as I was about to go downstairs and politely ask them to go play with the damn ball on somebody else's roof, I hear the ball rolling in the distance then I hear them all say, "Oh no!" A minute later... my doorbell rang. HA! I figured the ball went into *my* backyard, and they were asking for it back. No such luck, kiddos! Do you think I'm going to give you your ball back so you can keep me from napping? Pshaw! In your next life! So... I smiled and went to sleep... and got them their ball when I woke up. Awww... the power. :)

*emmett* ~ who yes, gives the children back all their toys once she finds them. Okay, not the eyeball bouncy ball because my hubby REALLY liked that. LOL.

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