Monday, December 20, 2010

Loving Austinites. :-)

I was out walking the dogs today and a woman stopped me and said, "You can just leave your dog poop bag on our lawn! I'll pick it up when I get home tonight!" LOL.

People in Texas are WAAAAY too nice... or at least, these people are! ;-) I politely declined... thought I may need it again before I reached home. :-)

Love that these people are my neighbors. :-D


em said... neighbors must think we live in TX! Because they let their dogs go in our lawn all the time. They have even been caught walking their dogs on a leash into our yard instead of their own. Insanity. I think I'm nice. But I guess I'm not TX nice. ;)

j.leija said...

Did you move to Austin? It's my favorite city in Texas!! I went to Uni there and wish I could move back :)