Friday, January 1, 2010

Welcoming a New Year.

Last year, I decided to do a kind of "Best of/Worst of 2008" post, kinda like a letter (as Scarlet did) to 2008. I was hoping 2009 would be better than 2008... alas, it was not. LOL. It was actually the worst year of my life. There *were* some awesome times though, and I hope to re-cap those soon!

So I *know* that 2010 has to be better. I really am so blessed... I have a wonderful husband who is loving, compassionate, encouraging and supportive. I have never felt so loved, and that makes me so happy. :-) I have awesome friends, and my family is happy and healthy (for the most part... tee hee), and we all have God watching over us every day.

I only made two real promises last year. I wanted to not take on so much (which I think I accomplished, but could still work on...). I also wanted to try hard not to please everybody. Old habits die hard. ;-) I STILL need to work on that.

Last night at work, I pretty much had an epiphany. The manager on duty was busy with a customer, and he told me that the floor was my responsibility. I remember thinking, "Great! I feel very confident I can make executive decisions." I felt so "in my element"... for a whole 90 minutes. LOL. Co-workers came to me to ask advice, direction, responsibilities, etc. And it was amazing. I knew what to do in every situation. And it was great.

It left me wondering why I don't act like that on a regular basis. I tend to get intimidated or feel vulnerable when I work with certain types of personalities (or people). I talked to a friend (also a manager) at work about this, and all he said was, "Reyanna, it's a mindset." It is, and I need to have that mindset more often.

So I suppose that I'd really like to resolve to be more confident. Confident that I DO know what I'm doing. And I'm good at it. :-) I am capable. I am reliable. I am responsible. I am strong.

Also for this next year, I'd love to concentrate more on... ME. :-) That sounds so STRANGE to say! LOL. I just feel like I've completely neglected myself. I don't do any of the things I used to enjoy. And that's what I mean when I say that. I just want to do more things I enjoy... my hobbies and interests.

I want to scrapbook.

I want to submit and be published again.

I want to ride my bike.

I want to hike.

I want to rock climb.

I want to stretch.

I want to do handstands. :-D

I want to work out more.

I want to bake.

I want to write.

I want to read.

I want to speak up for myself.

I don't want to do things out of guilt.

And something we *really* want to plan for the next year or two?

A baby. :-)

That is all.

Bring it on, 2010! I. Am. Ready.

p.s. Oh! Since I really don't want to do Photo 365, I decided to try my own version of 365. I enjoy writing/journaling more than I do taking photos. So... Write 365. That's my plan. One sentence or thought per day. A thought that summed up the day. Something I learned. Something exciting that happened. A discovery made. Something. Something that is worth remembering. Because at the end of your day... there is *always* something worth remembering about your life... even if that "something" is the fact that you love watching movies all day long. LOL.


Ali said...

Hey Reyanna,

Wish you the best in year 2Q1Q. I hope you still remember me. Ali from SMU

Chris and Paige Evans said...

Ooooh! Big goal for this year or next! How exciting!

Yay for your epiphany at work! That's awesome.

Stephanie said...

I am totally coveting that closet! And I love your list.

Thanks for the sweet comments about me on SC's DT. You're a doll!