Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Remembering January 2009.

So... not only did I attend CHA in January of 2009, but I also did other cool things! We went to see Trans Siberian Orchestra in concert, and that was AWESOME! We look so tired here... we got home late. But SO worth it. :-)

I cut my hair short again...

After CHA, I met these adorable little girls (Avery and Erin) at my hotel. Their mom owns a scrapbook store up north, and I just had to give away some of my press kits... they were STOKED! LOL.

Also while in CA, I was able to visit my grandparents. YAY! I have such a great relationship with all four of my grandparents; I usually talk to them at least twice a week. They are the coolest! And they tell the best stories!

Another thing I look forward to when visiting Grandpa Pendzimas (mom's dad) is EATING! He's a chef by hobby. And, oh yes, just because he doesn't do it professionally, doesn't mean he's not a chef. He IS. Promise. :-) He knows more about cooking than any other person I know on the planet... including all those foodies on the Food Network. ;-) My first meal there... I told him I was *starving*! I WAS! This is what he fixed me, and save a few veggies, I ate every last bite. :-)

Was able to snap a few photos of us. Here is me with Grammy (mom's mom)...

And Grandpa (the chef)! He is so fun and so wise and so brilliant. An awesome combination! He is also 100% Polish, and I love that. :-)

While in San Diego (where Grandparents Pendzimas live), I got to also visit my cousins, Sean (right) and Ian (left). They belong to my mom's sister, Joy (my middle-name namesake). They got so OLD (In this photo, Sean is 18. Ian is 16.)! LOL.

Of course, I also had to visit my Dad's parents, Pop-Pop and Grandma. They are SO funny! We call Pop-Pop our "family cryer"... he LOVES to gossip about family (mostly good stuff)! LOL. Before taking this photo, he said, "I'll have to do my signature mouth-open smile! That's what I do in photos! Without even noticing!" LOL.

And... last, but certainly not least, I got to visit my BFF in CA. Brittany and I have been friends for about 14 years. I babysat for her younger siblings. She was there too, but too young to take care of them on her own. We kept in touch all those years, but we didn't really become close till after she graduated high school. We are SO much alike (even our life stories)... it's scary. LOL. Because I was there for CHA, Britt and I didn't get THAT much time together... just an hour or two. But we got to drink Baskin Robbins' mint chip milkshakes and hug and laugh and hug some more. :-) It was so nice to see her!

(And that sweatshirt she's wearing? That's our twinsie sweatshirt! We both have one... because we both love cozy pajamas almost more than anything in the world... LOL.)

Also at Britt's house, I got to meet Nola... A puppy that belongs to her in-laws. She's not too fond of Nola, but Nola LOVED me. Seriously, LOVED me. Case in point: When I went to the bathroom, she sat outside the door crying like a maniac! LOL. I wished I could bring her home with me!

And THAT was my January 2009. :-)


Marit said...

Hi there Reyanna! Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog today! I came to visit you back and already seem to know you.. you tell such fun stories and all those pics and it's like meeting a friend! Thanks!!! I'll be back to view/read more soon (have to run now - babysit the nextdoor boy...)

ArlaMo said...

LOVE TSO. One of my favorite concerts ever! Saw them in Minneapolis and would love to see them again.