Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Remembering February 2009.

Honestly, February is a bit of a blur. Hubby wasn't there, so I was in a slump... missing him terribly, but trying to be my independent self and find time for ME.

I know I shopped at The Container Store a bunch... LOL. Took the pups with me... usually just Ruby because Amber hates crowds and stores. Ruby LOVES people, so she loves to be out of the house... shopping or walking or whatever. LOL. On this day though, I decided Amber needed some time out too. :-)

I didn't scrap much, except for Craft Critique. This was my favorite layout of that month:

I just LOVE this photo hubby took of me with my sister's girls. It's one of my most favorite photos... of all time. :-)

Looking back, I wish I had inked the edges of the papers. LOL. At the time, I considered it, but I opted not to because I felt like I inked SO much. LOL. I'll probably go back and outline everything with a black or brown pen instead... LOL. You know, since it's too late to ink the edges. LOL.

I also remember that I ate a lot of fruit, bacon and hot dogs during this month. LOL. Those foods reminded me of visiting with my grandfather just a few weeks prior, so it was very comforting for me. LOL.

February sucked. March got better... :-)

Oh! And... this month's Studio Calico kit is AWESOME! I LOVE it! I love it so much that I'm having a hard time using it! Once I use it, it will be gone. :-( It helps, though, that my favorite papers this month are SC papers... so I have THREE sets of them! :D Tee hee.

Here's what I made yesterday...

Jeremy and I are always saying to each other, "You're my favorite!" "You're MY favorite!" LOL. So fun, so I thought I'd document that. :-) The design for this layout was inspired by a photo I saw at Paige's blog. This woman's daughter's room. SO CUTE! Totally inspiring. :-)

And then, it was like... midnight when I finished that layout, but I still wanted to scrap some more, so I did a super quick one!

(As seen in Ellaments by Ella Publishing.)

A layout of my three nieces... aka "The 3 Sillies"! LOL. I really like how it turned out... simple, but fun. And the bow I made for the center? Believe it or not, The Container Store taught me how to make that at Christmastime! LOL.

That's all for today. Let me know you stopped by! :-)


Allison said...

I love last year and this years layouts. The pups are too cute! I love that they went to the container store with you!

lisa dickinson said...

gorgeous work with the sc stuff! and i didn't the container store let dogs come in - of course, yours are obviously better behaved than mine! :)

lisa truesdell said...

favorite is my favorite - but i love them all!

Brittany Cleberg said...

I stopped by.

Chris and Paige Evans said...

Sa-weet layouts! I really need to start getting SC kits...they're awesome. You're awesome :)

Erika said...

How cute about you and your hubbs. I love that you are recapping last year month by month! Great idea!

Kelly Noel said...

loving this recap fun! and your layouts are so what you've done w/the jan kit so far!

Anonymous said...

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