Saturday, October 10, 2009

Laughing at hubby.

So... this morning, I put on a pair of jeans, and I felt kind of dumpy as soon as I put them on. I thought I'd ask hubby. He was sitting on the floor in the bedroom.

I turned around, so that my back was facing him...

Me: Honey, do these look like Mom Jeans?

Jeremy: Gross! Throw those away!

I was horrified! My own husband thought I looked dumpy! I was kind of bummed at his reaction. I was not looking forward to the expression on his face.

And as I turned around, he was holding out to me, a few pieces of Kleenex that were drenched in our dog's vommit.

OH!!! He was talking about the Kleenex! And dog vommit! NOT my jeans! :-D

Me: So, Honey, what DO you think about my jeans?

Jeremy: They're GOOD! I like 'em!


*Photo from SNL.


moonlightgrrl said...

Too funny, Reyanna. I am so glad he wasn't talking about your jeans!

Chris and Paige Evans said...

LOL :) Good story.

Hope your dog is okay!

Sharyn said...

hahahahha! that's funny!!

Ally said...

bwwahahhhahhaa - I love the mom jeans commercial on SNL - it is the most funny skit ever.

The other day I was in the market for new jeans and I found the "Not Your Daughter's Jeans" brand and I was thinking - oh, good. Some nice hip jeans for a 40-something. Uh, no! NYDJ is code name for MOM Jeans! ugh, I couldn't rip them off fast enough!

Jody said...

That is hysterical!
So glad you are feeling better too :)

LisaDay said...

Oh my that is to funny!!!