Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Changing too many things.

Too many changes... too fast.

We said goodbye to our cars.

We said hello to a new car.

We're under contract (inspection DONE!) on a house.

New house (BIG for us) means we'll need furniture. Pretty much all we own currently: bookshelves, a loveseat, small table, and my scrappy storage stuff. I'm thinking that will NOT fill up a 2,000+ sq ft home. LOL. We don't even have a BED! I did buy one the other day though... it will wait at the store for us until we move. Then again... I do like wide, open spaces. I mean, seriously, how many homes do you know that you can rollerblade in the Great Room?! ;-)

House needs landscaping and deck add-on (pergola or something similar)... so that I don't have to stare into my neighbors' backyards. LOL.

Hubby is the lead on a multi-million dollar project... taking him away from home A LOT.

I've been sick too long, causing me to cut my work hours.

I decided to cancel my subscription to Studio Calico. (Though I'm still getting the papers each month... tee hee.) I'm not sure yet if canceling was the best thing. Though I'll feel better about spending less and accumulating less, I do feel like I'm missing out. And that just might be as much stress as keeping it. LOL.

At SC, we're saying goodbye to Scarlet, Kirsty and Tina C. *sigh* That's a tough blow for me. I can't BELIEVE how tough. I'm really bummed about SC being without a clean and simple style like Tina C. I really felt like she rounded out the group. And Scarlet and Kirsty... two of my favorite designers EVER. I'll definitely continue to stalk all their blogs. :D

Welcoming Celine and Lisa to Studio Calico. These two women are AMAZINGLY talented! And I'm very excited to see their work with SC kits each month!

Ack. On top of that, I'm TRYING to get over the stress of the past year, and so many changes... eek... does not help stress. LOL.

Oooooh! A good change! I cut my hair

Though when I look at this photo, I see that I'm really stressed. LOL. Where's my color? Where's my REAL smile? Umm... they're on hiatus. But I'm hoping they will return VERY soon.

Maybe I need something new and different in my life. A new happiness... that's not really "bad" stressful, but fun. Maybe I should apply for a design team. LOL. Or maybe I just should do something fun... to get my mind off of being stressed. I could...


Read Eclipse.

Upload the layouts I've finished.

Listen to fun music.

Jump around.


Stand on my hands! Holy COW! I haven't done a handstand in like... over a month! Maybe two months! Okay, that should be first on the list!

Till next time...

... here's hoping for a little less stress. :-D


Michele H. said...

oh Reyanna! How about a nice bubble bath take the stress away :) Congrats on the house! What an exciting time for you and hubby!!! love the new do:)

Emily Pitts said...

cute hair! stress is a huge part of buying a house, it should calm down in 6 months. just be aware that the first year of owning a house, you might as well hand target your bank card and say take it all now. it felt like i spent $50 a day there the first year of living in a new house. and i've moved quite a few times :) good luck, take a nap, and a hot bath is a great idea!

Jaime Lynne said...

Change is good... right?! Your hair looks fabulous. You look even more spunky and fresh! I love it!

Chris and Paige Evans said...

I love reading your blog. You make me smile. So sporadic and fun. Cute hair. Please do read Eclipse and let me know what you think of it.

michele said...

love the haircut! and for what it's worth, we lived a year and a half with no furniture in a 1400 sq ft house ... the house took all our money! lol you get buy and make do. morph your crafty gears into redoing freecycle and craigslist and goodwill furniture and getting creative with what you have. there is a sense of satisfaction in that that can't be matched by ordering a chair from pottery barn. and remember the key: you can't make a home in a day. it takes years to acquire that "live in," cozy, pulled together look.

Katey said...

hey! super cute hair! change can be good, let it all in with a deep breath! best of luck in all your new-ness!!