Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Feeling a bit better.

Holy C0w! I haven't blogged in SOOOOOO long! And when I say "soooooo long," I mean fifteen days. LOL.

And SO much has happened in two weeks! Okay, since we all know I'm a long-winded blogger, I'm going to try to do this in as little words as possible...

First thing's first...

I'm still sick.... went to the doctor. He was clueless. Referred me to someone else. Idiot.

I got worse. Woke up with a HUGE bulge in my groin (like 2 inches long, 1 inch wide, and 1/2 inch high!)... decided I needed to go *back* to the doctor (yesterday). Saw nurse practitioner who said, "Yeah, you're really sick! Probably an intestinal infection. You need anti-biotics!" Sheesh. Anywho, I'm hoping to feel better soon. Good news: my energy is FINALLY coming back! WOOHOO!


Was able to go to the flea market with my friend Stephanie and her BEAUTIFUL daughters, Harper and Sadie. Ohmigoodness, I love them! Could just eat them up! We had so much fun. :-) I only spent SIXTEEN dollars at the flea market, and I was *stoked*! Here are my finds...

Super cute watermelon and apple for decoration. Watermelon is for me since that's my kitchen decor, and the apple is for a friend.

Loved this cute little, vintage jewelry box. I'm sure I'll put it in our bedroom... maybe to hold chapstick! :-D And these great brooches; four are actually earrings. :0)

These tins are SO cute! I haven't decided to put them in my scrap room or kitchen yet, but I LOVE them! The pair for a buck! The cute, yellow doily for a buck. And the drawer insert for a buck-fifty! YEAH! :-D (I bought a large one too, but it's still in the car...)

A super-fun-filled day! Can't wait to see Steph one more time before she moves... :-(


Next up...

We got a new car! Well, new to us. ;-) See, HUGE hail storm (sheesh, I need to post those pics!) in March totaled both our cars, so we sold them to State Farm and bought just one car (hubby has a work vehicle he uses). The great thing is that this car was TOTALLY paid for by State Farm. Yay. It's a blueberry-colored Jeep Grand Cherokee, and we LOVE it! I'll post pics soon!


We're house-hunting! We were approved for a loan last week, and we just JUMPED in to finding a house. We've looked at TWELVE houses already! GAH! Put an offer in on one. That fell through due to the listing agent neglecting to tell us it wasn't able to be sold... GAH. Then we found two more we LOVE. Put an offer in on the larger of the two. Waiting to hear back...


Was feeling kinda down, and my sister was feeling kinda down, so to cheer her up, I decided to buy her a new wardrobe. She got it in the mail yesterday and was SO excited. Seriously, she hasn't bought new clothes in like... 8 years. She deserves it! She's such a great mom, and she needs to look and feel confident! A few things didn't fit, so she'll send those back, but all in all, she's happy. Yay. :-)


Buying a house makes me want to look at TONS of decorating books, mags and websites. Makes me want to look at furniture galore. Craziness. I'm seriously needing sleeping pills to sleep because I have so much on my mind! LOL. Think I found the perfect bed, which would be awesome because we've been sleeping on a mattress on the floor for over four years... because our apartments' bedrooms have all been too small for frames. YAY!


Our "vacation" is in a month... from yesterday. Goldthwaite, Texas. LOL. Doesn't sound like a good vacation destination, but... every year we go to Goldthwaite for four days. It's our Thanksgiving with Jeremy's family. We eat A LOT, play dominoes A LOT, hike A LOT, and sleep A LOT. We hang out and tell stories and play with the little ones (his two cousins each have a child under four). It's the best four days of the year. Yay.


That wraps it up. Fairly quick and painless, no?!


Denise said...

Nice finds at the flea market. I hope you can find time to meet up with Stephanie again. It sound like you both had a great time.

I hope you feel better soon. It has lasted way to long.

Katey said...

hey, sorry to hear you have been sick. i haven't been in the best shape either. email me sometime would love to hear what you have been creating lately! i am currently trying to upload a bunch of layouts to my blog...might need your help if i cannot get it to work!

best of luck on the house hunt!