Friday, February 27, 2009


I haven't been able to scrap since *before* CHA. Sheesh. Sure, I've been a *bit* busy, but it was more like the fact that I couldn't get motivated in light of recent events. Nothing like a deadline for Craft Critique to nip that in the bud! 

So Studio Calico's February kit was all kinds of fun. I decided to make a necklace with Tim Holtz Fragments, and the new SC papers were SO perfect! They have this AWESOME  sheet of paper that has fortune cookie fortunes on one side, so I found a fun one "It is a sunny day" to have on one side of my necklace. How cool is that?

I really love how it turned out. And I was stoked to use SC papers to line the carpet and give my dress-form (from Creative Imaginations) a nice resting place. :D

Then I decided to use one of the adorable bingo pieces (from the K&Company die cut package) to adorn the back of another Fragment...

I need to make more cards. They really are so fun. :-)

And I've been wanting to scrap this photo of myself with my nieces... for... a LONG time. Almost two years... seriously. But I've never had the *right* papers. And then Method Playground totally inspired me to use five patterned papers (from different manufacturers), so I came up with this...

And really... all the credit for the patterned-paper-choosing must go to the wonderfully talented April and Scarlet over at Studio Calico. Seriously... this is *why* I'm a part of a kit club (*that* kit club). I can't scrap exclusively Basic Grey *forever* (though I wouldn't complain *too* much...), and I've never been very good at the whole "coordinating/matching" thing. Seriously, ask my sister. She picked out my clothes until I was 18 years old. :-p (SO not kidding here.)

In other news... I went hiking yesterday. I was supposed to be in a Meetup group, but traffic was SO crazy, and I was too late to catch them. And I was not going to settle for driving 45 minutes and then just go home... so I went hiking by myself. Still very nice and wonderful. Only got lost once, but I quickly found my way... just in time too because it got dark within minutes of making it to my car. Phew. :-p

Oh! And the other day at work, I was putting together a few boxes, and this mother with her two daughters walks toward me. And I overhear her saying, "Look, Girls! This girl gets to *play* at her job! She gets to put together boxes! How fun!" And she was being TOTALLY.SERIOUS. 

And you know what? She was SO right. I *was* having SO much fun. I love un-nesting our plastic boxes. LOL. It actually is so much fun for me. (Uh-huh... I know. I'm silly. Carry on.) I ended up having a conversation with her and telling her how much I'm in love with my job... how at the end of my shift, I just don't want to leave. LOL. I ended up giving her a recruitment card. She would be so fun to work with... she really "gets" it. 

Speaking of The Container Store, I totally need to highlight (here on my blog) my favorite products. And ironically, some of my favorite products seem very silly to me. And I can't imagine who would buy them... or why. But I just love that we carry them. LOL. A container that holds TWENTY FOUR lipsticks?! Seriously?! Ladies! Come on! Fess up. WHO out there has 24 lipsticks?! 

To be continued...


Bashful said...

What a fun post! I love the layout with your nieces! I want to play with boxes, too, LOL! (I love the stuff you sell at TCS, but no, I'm never going to have anywhere near 24 lipsticks, LOL.)

rcprncss said...

I don't have 24 lipsticks, that is for sure! LOL! Love your homemade necklace! What a cute idea! Glad you are feeling creative! You have some great projects on your blog! :)