Friday, February 20, 2009


I've been meaning to post this for a while, and the fabulous Wendy Smedley reminded me with her post today. (Wendy, could you please remind me to post pics of us too... LOL. Note to self: POST PICS FROM CHA!)

While in San Antonio one week, I decided to check Craigslist for any cool moving/yard/garage sales. I was JUST moving to Austin, and I really wanted to go crazy shabby chic in my house. So I went to CL, and I typed in "shabby chic," and this awesome moving sale came up! This woman had collected TONS of cool stuff, and I made out like a bandit! (Lots of stuff for my scrap space.)

Well, one neat thing I found was this awesome shabby chic white cupboard door ($2 maybe?). The second I saw it, I wanted it. And a few seconds after that, I knew what I wanted to do with it.

It did need a bit of a touch-up. An antique white spray paint did the trick here:

Here is a photo of the back. I didn't do anything to the back because... well, who sees that when it's hanging on the wall?!

Next I went to PhotoShop, and I created a new layer the size of the *inside* measurements of the cupboard door (where the photos would go). I changed them all to black and white and cropped if need be. Then I just placed them inside the layer and moved them all around until they "pretty much" fit. I added more photos if I needed them (of all my family). If they all fit in this space, I knew they'd fit on the cupboard door (even if I decided to change the arrangement later on).

Then I transfered all the photos to two new layers (8.5x11"), so I could print them out onto photo paper. Once they were printed, I cut them all up (I did end up moving some around). Some I needed to cut down, but I just arranged them until they worked. Then I ModPodged the heck out of it (on top and underneath the photos), added some awesome lace from Jo-Ann Fabrics, a silk flower from Michaels (drilled a hole into the cupboard and filled it with super glue), and VOILA!

Sits right next to my computer, right above my printer, so I can see it every day. It's one of my very favorite things in my scrap space, and I love that what I envisioned actually came out. :) SO easy too!

So go on, Kids! Go garage sale-ing and thrift store-ing for old cupboard doors! And you could totally add patterned paper and stuff too. I'll probably do another in the future. I think it would make a great housewarming gift. :)


Anne aka Anniescraps said...

Now that is lovely, thank you for sharing dear lady :-)

amyjk said...

love this, reyanna-- looks great!

Bashful said...

So totally cool! You are my altering queen! :-)

Emily Pitts said...

so fun reyanna, thanks for sharing :)

Lyn said...

so wonderful! i love art like this! now if only hubby would tolerate me picking up things at thrift stores and garage sales... lol

ValAnn said...

love love love it!!

wendy smedley said...

you go girl!