Friday, November 28, 2008


Okay, so I haven't posted in a while, but I've been super busy. And my news! I have news!

Okay, wait. My posts are always way too long, so this post will get to the point when I tell you what's been going on.

My awesome news: I got a job at a scrapbook store! A *certain* scrapbook store (that requests to stay nameless, so we'll just call it Sharchiver's to keep it inconspicuous ;) ), and they offered me a job teaching! Yay! LOVE.IT. Also love the discount. :)

Christmas shopping is nearly done. Yay.

Thanksgiving was... weird. We *tried* to go out of town, but there was a big accident that forced us to turn around. So we went out to dinner and a movie instead.

Saw Twilight. I liked it. Jeremy even liked it.

Making a super awesome Christmas Organizer mini album (I use the term "mini" very lightly). Can't wait to show that here.

Had a party to celebrate my published page, and this card was my Make N Take (to look like my layout... cool, yes?!), and is this owl punch not the cutest punch EVER?! It's by Martha Stewart. I don't care if she did wear an orange jumpsuit, that woman has cute punches!

What else?! OH! I made the MOST delicious chocolate chip cookies! They are the softest ever (think Soft Batch cookies), and I can't stop eating them. I may have a stomach ache later.

I'm working quite a bit, but I love it, so it's okay.

My body hurts since I quit gymnastics. Go figure. :p

My brother is welcoming a new addition in June. Exciting. :)

And I want a baby. *sigh*


Nichole said...

I laughed so hard at Sharchiver's!
OMGosh. That was too funny!! did they seriously request that??????
too funny! love your make and take card. love the colours!! and, heehee, that is the cutest owl punch from the woman in the orange jumpsuit!! your hilarious.
so take your time between posts, as long as they are as funny as this one. haha

sigh, a baby........ had 3. wanted 5. sadly, not to be.....but I will hope for you.......

rcprncss said...

I totally love this card!