Friday, November 14, 2008


Time to save some money, Y'all! (That's right... I say "y'all" now because I live in Texas. Oh, that reminds me of a cute story! If I think about it at the end of this blog post, I'll share it!)

Anywho, after the irrelevant button was hit several times after my first sentence, I will be sharing with you how YOU can save money this week.

Not sure if you watch Oprah (I'm not an Oprah fan, but this week... I am... just a bit ;) ), but she's having a "Clean up your Messy House Tour" right now. And guess what?! She featured The Container Store on the show! And guess what is even better than *seeing* The Container Store on Oprah? Why, getting a discount at The Container Store *because* of Oprah, of course!

So... if you go on Oprah's website here, you can get in on the 20% discount too (until November 19th)! It's okay if you don't have The Container Store in your area because the coupon works for online and phone orders TOO! I know, I know... you are super blessed that I work for The Container Store and can be an enabler today. I know. I know. Thank me later. ;)

I know what you're thinking, "Oh Reyanna! This is super wonderful and fabulous! This MUST be the good news I've been anxiously awaiting to hear from you!" And I will reply to that, "No, my friends, it is not! I still have wonderful news to share. Not today, but soon." :)

Now on to regularly scheduled posting...

One of the coolest things about The Container Store is that they sell scrapbook organization! WOOHOO! I have this awesome paper storage thingy (featured above), and it's SO much better than the one you find at Michaels or other craft stores because this one has SIX shelves! No other one that I've found has six! Ha! I love that you can put stuff on top too. Yay! :D

And also, our Stockholm collection is FABULOUS! I have LOTS of those boxes. And I love that they come in all sorts of fun colors. (I'm pretty simple, so I love the white with colored pattered paper in the book plates, but the deep purple [which, unfortunately isn't offered online], is beautiful!)

One other thing I love is our photo storage stuff! The Stockholm Media Binder is PERFECT with the 4x6 and 5x7 photo sleeves as photo albums (Stacy Julian and Library of Memories lovers, take note and get rid of those Pioneer binders)!

And you know, we carry other products like WD-40 in the form of a pen (in store only... or just e-mail me if you desperately need one), an acrylic organizer that holds 24 lipsticks or chapsticks, and of course, no closet is complete without Closet Rod Organizers. Some of us just can't tell by *looking* in our closet which shirts are short-sleeved and which ones are long-sleeved. Oh no! We need labels to tell us. :)

And what holiday shopping would be complete without a trip to Gift Wrap Wonderland with our fabulous paper choices (more in the stores!) and unique stocking stuffers?! None, I tell you! None!

So go... get a coupon. Shop. Have fun, Kids!

p.s. This post is too long now to tell you my cute story, so I'll just save that for another day.


Bashful said...

Ooooo, way cool paper storage! Thanks for enabling! :-)

ValAnn said...

I need more than a 20% off, I need someone to come spend about 20 days... It's a good thought and daydream of mine though.