Tuesday, October 7, 2008


So I'm starting to feel a bit better. (YAY!) Went back to the doctor and got some cough syrup with Vicodin. Yum!

But what I really think help me feel better? Eating peanut butter sandwiches every day. That's right, *every* day. I got this yummy gluten-free bread from Whole Foods, and I've been eating at least one peanut butter sandwich per day.

Ohmigosh, and I found this new peanut butter! It's Smuckers Natural with HONEY! So it's just peanuts, salt, honey and divinity. Okay, I added the divinity part, but it must have at least *some* of that added because it's... well... divine. :)

Added a new header and photo today. Yay! Those beautiful papers and elements are from Paislee Press. Design by yours truly (okay, I just sketched it out for Jeremy, and *he's* the one who put it all together. He may be a tool sometimes, but that boy has mad Adobe skills). :)

Hmmm... what else is new? Oh! I'm getting in on this. And I'm pretty excited about it. I *really* wanted a blue one of those cute little albums, but they don't sell the blue color I wanted. So I made my own. Yeah, I like to take on more projects when I already have a million things going on, BUT... it's in the color I love... AND... it was free with stuff I used from my stash (read: paper scraps)! Yahoo! When it's finished, I'll post it. Promise.

I'm taking this class by Cathy Zielske, and ohmigosh, it's awesome! She is, of course, super fabulous, and I heart her... a lot. I'll post my pages soon. :) You still have time to get in on this (until October 8th)! It's kinda pricey for an online class, but it's TWELVE weeks long (so less than $10 per week), AND it's taught by Cathy Flippin' Zielske! Come on! Just put it on a credit card, and you'll be good. Tee hee. ;)

Anything else? Oh!! I've been meaning to tell you all. I started another really cool blog (actually, I have four blogs now... wow), and you should SO check it out. It's so cool! I promise! You won't regret it! :D

Otay, I think that's all for today. Meant for this to be shorter. Oh well.

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Emily Pitts said...

sandwich looks yummy. i'm taking the class too. i'm very behind. one layout so far. ugh.