Friday, October 24, 2008


I'm pretty sure that before I was published I promised myself that if I ever *did* get published, I wouldn't scan my magazine page and post it on my blog. I like to think I'm pretty modest and shy when it comes to stuff like this.

But if I would have *known* that I would be published in Simple Scrapbooks... aside from not believing that I would EVER, EVER in a million years be published in my favorite scrap magazine... I would have probably created an amendment to the fore mentioned rule.

Therefore, for your viewing pleasure: Page 96 of Simple Scrapbooks Magazine - November/December 2008 issue. (Let's just call this "sharing information" as opposed to "bragging," okay?! Please?! *insert sheepish grin here*)

Yeah, that's me. A whole page to myself. Me! Just your average Jane scrapbooker. And though I *asked* Simple if they would credit Paislee Press Designs in my products list, they are quite busy and must have forgotten.

See, the amazing Liz over at Paislee Press created these super fabulous digi mailing label frames, and I LOVED them! So I re-created them in paper (thanks to my trusty Fiskars). I credited her as my inspiration, but alas, they left it out. I still love Simple. But I wanted to give a shout out to Liz. Seriously, it's because of her. :)


In other news, I went hiking a couple weekends ago, and it was FABULOUS! Austin's Barton Creek is SO awesome. Pics will be shown soon... I hope. :) Going again this weekend with a friend. YAY!

Then last weekend, I went out of town to visit family. Brought the puppies. And when I returned, their food bowls were nowhere to be found. Oh well, I thought. No biggie. They just get to eat out of Corelle instead. (Lucky puppies!)

And for two days, Amber would not eat.

You have to understand something about Amber. She eats like I starve her. She barks for her food, shakes uncontrollably until I fill her bowl, and once she has food, she devours it before Ruby even notices I had poured food in their bowls. So this was strange.

I would fill her bowl, she would sniff, perhaps eat one or two pieces, then walk away. Then she'd proceed to her barking and shaking like I hadn't fed her at all. I figured she just wasn't feeling well and would get over it. After the two days, I accidentally spilled some dog food on the floor.

And my ravenous beast of a dog returned. She ate every last piece I had spilled... within ten seconds of dropping them. *Insert light-bulb here.* So I did what any worried mother of a starving dog would do... I poured all her dog food on the kitchen floor.

A happy mom. A happy dog.

A happy dog, who does NOT like Corelle dishes...


Emilie Ahern said...

Don't worry. I do it every month with my Where's Wemilie edition. Want me to make you a Where's Weyanna graphic???

LOVE that page. You ROCK!

Hilarious that the dogs hate Corelle.
I always have too.
Something in it's surface texture is like nails on a chalkboard to me. wouldn't stop me from licking a food I really loved off of it.
Crazy dog!

Nichole said...

Have you seen the dog whisperer???
I'm thinking Amber may need him. lol, just kidding. I think it's so funny the dog has a dish preference

and Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
No seriously girl, brag away!!!! I would. that is so awesome. Talk about proud. You should be. I am going to go and get that magazine so I can brag that I have a friend who was published!!!!! I'm serious!

you have also inspired me. The thing about digital scrapping that i love is the frames. And I wondered how would I get such awesome frames if I paper again. And now I know. Duh! great work.

ttys, nichole

Jaime Wilkins said...

Congrats! Love your blog, love your work!

-Jaime (Baby's Got Blue Eyes on