Thursday, October 23, 2008


There is something unmistakably wonderful about fall... pumpkin muffins. I know I could make pumpkin muffins all year, but it's just not the same.

So I'm home from work (actually took a few days off since I'm stuck with a fever and sinusitis... again... ick), and I decided after Nap #2 that I'd make some yummy muffins.

I open up two recipes. Hmm... I'll make THIS recipe, I say to myself. And halfway through, I'm like, Nah, I'll make this other recipe. I've actually made this one. I know they'll turn out!

Then for some odd reason, I look at the first recipe, then the 2nd. Then I forget which one I'm making and figure that now it's more of a collaborative thing. Ah well. If they taste like pumpkin, and they're in the vague shape of a muffin, I'm good to go.

So it's painfully obvious by eating my muffins that any type of recipe was lost in translation. But just the same, they are super tasty!

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Nichole said...

mmmmmmmm, pumpkin muffins. Its funny, because I have never drank coffee, ever, and the for whatever reason last year, about this time, I went to starbucks and got a pumpkin latte of all things! It was delicious. I love anything pumpkin.
Sorry to hear your sick. Yuck! but good to see you blogging!!
talk to you soon!