Tuesday, April 18, 2006


Today in Rhode Island, something very exciting happened. Well, very exciting to Rhode Islanders anyway. The news channels were there. Radio stations were there. Government officials were there. I was there too... well, sort of. I was on my street (five houses down from my house... at a safe distance) looking out over the water. You'd think something was getting blown up or something. ;-) Tee hee.

Crazy people on my street... thirsty for things getting blown up... (and my friend Laura [in the pink shirt] waving from her car). My puppy, Ruby, also makes a cameo in this picture.

They blew up the OLD Jamestown Bridge today. When you look at this photo, it kinda looks like one bridge, but it's actually two. The tall one... that's the one they blew up. It all happened within about five seconds. Here are before, during and after pics of the implosion. Enjoy! :)

The coolest thing was that we could SEE the implosion about 5-10 seconds before we heard it. Isn't the speed of sound fascinating?!?!?

Fun times in Rhode Island today alright. ;-)

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