Saturday, April 29, 2006


Current mood: confused

I'm having a quarter-life crisis. I thought I wanted Nutrition... now I just want to go back into Hospitality. Not that that was EVER my major, but I worked in it for two years, and to date, still my two best jobs ever. *sigh*

So... this next year, I may change my major from Nutrition to Management. We'll see. I still need to talk to an advisor or something because if it's going to take me longer than two years... EWWW. I will not be in school longer than two more years. Just... no.

I'm going to apply for a new job today. Granted I'm leaving for a two-week vacation in two weeks, but I'm wonderful... I'm sure they'll hold a job for me. :-D Who wouldn't want all this pent-up hospitality experience? HA! I've worked for Disney! And a second resort! And a camp!

Yeah, I want to work for the The Chanler in Newport. Sure it's in the top 15 luxury hotels in the WORLD... sure the rates START at $900 a night, but I need them. :) And they need me. I know it. :)

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