Wednesday, August 31, 2005


Life is short. My hero is gone. She died on Monday night. I did get to see her when I visited Minnesota in June. She didn't look old. She didn't look sick. She looked wonderful. We looked at pictures, we listened to music, and we sat outside in the sun.

She loved my big, plastic, lavender sunglasses from Old Navy. I gave them to her, and it made her day. Still... at 91, she looked beautiful in them.

Nothing about her seemed 91.... except the wisdom and courage she had. Those things could only be gained with age. Sincerity, kindness, unconditional love, patience, a loving heart, a giving heart... she had all these things.

She served people and Jesus Christ her entire life. She spent 73 years in the church as a nun... and then retired. Her room in the hospice was never empty. Her smile, laughter and positive attitude radiated to all who knew her. She was a joy. She was popular with adults, children and even the birds down the hall.

Although it seems cliche... I'm privileged just to have met her. She was wonderful, and I thank God that I got to know her the way I did. She said she wanted to out-live her last living sister and brother (my grandfather), but she didn't. She's gone.

My chest hurts still... several days later. My whole body aches. I feel down and depressed... feelings I rarely feel. I know I should be happy... happy that she lived a good life. She served God every minute of every day, and she was the epitome of a good Christian woman. There will always be a hole where Stevie was. My breath still catches in my chest at the sight of her name.

Stevie, I love you... you will always be my human-inspiration. Thank you for being you. I'll never forget you. :)

Your niece, Reyanna Joy

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