Monday, February 14, 2005

Happy Valentine's Day... Want Some Bling?

I was talking to my mom today, and she actually used the word "bling" in the right context. Yeah, that was weird. I laughed at her.

So anyway... about the bling... I'm a simple girl. I don't wear jewelry. When I was in college, I wore earrings (only studs) EVERY day. I also wore a necklace EVERY day, but mostly just because I had a boyfriend, who gave me a very nice heart necklace, and I loved it.

When I *do* wear jewelry, I'm VERY picky. It took me seven months *after* we were married to even find a wedding ring set I liked. :) Now, I don't even wear the set (except when I go out to restaurants or to visit family); I only wear the engagement one, which is a small gold band with five small diamonds. :) And technically, I wouldn't even call it an engagement ring because, like I said, I got it seven months after we were married. So... it's more like just half my wedding set... the half that doesn't catch on things or scratch people. :)

Anyway... I keep getting off track here, but I needed to provide you with some background for my bling story...

So... my mom was telling me how her first Valentine's Day with my dad, they both got each other cross necklaces without knowing what the other was getting (aww... how sweet... yada yada yada). And I announced, "I want jewelry now, Mom!" To which she replied, "You finally want some bling, huh?! Well, it's about time!" See why I laughed at her? Tee hee.

Bummer thing is... Jeremy isn't really into the Valentine's Day present thing. He likes to make my gifts, which is sweet, but once... one time while we're married... I'd like jewelry or flowers. :)

Not A LOT of jewelry. Actually, while I'm married to him for the rest of our lives, I will only ask for two jewelry things: a set of 1/4 carat, princess cut diamond earrings (from... wherever) and the sterling silver starfish necklace from Tiffany&Co. :) That's all I ask. Nothing more, really. And he knows these things. I figure we've only been married for (a little over) two years. He has time... plenty of time. :) Just thought I'd let you all know.

*emmett* ~ who is excited for her present this year because he stayed home from my high school girls' state championship gymnastics meet to work on it :)

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