Tuesday, November 2, 2004

VOTE... But Not For Bush or Kerry...

I'm going to join the masses today and say...


However... I will not join the masses in saying, "Will you vote for Bush or Kerry?" Yes, there *are* more than two candidates. And yes, I *will* vote for one of them. Okay, I already voted. I voted for Cobb. He's cool. :)

Next time, research ALL the candidates and THEN vote. It's much more fun. And you're "so much more cooler" when somebody asks you who you voted for, and you can say a name that person has never heard of. Makes you feel very smart and political. So go ahead next time and do that... even if it's only to make you look smart. ;-)

*emmett* ~ who is celebrating her 4-year anniversary today... for *being* with her husband Jeremy. (He's the best!) Only 52 shopping days left until our 2nd wedding anniversary, oh yeah... and Christmas Day. :-)

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