Monday, November 8, 2004

My Bra Has Instructions For Use!

My favorite sports bra was made by Calvin Klein. I got it when I was around 15, and I STILL had it until a week ago. Hubby washed it. It was hand-wash only.

Anyway, I was quite bummed, but then I realized that it's not really that big of a deal. I'll just go get another one. Cool thing was: the store I went to had almost the EXACT same one I bought eight years ago. Woohoo!

So... I'm checking out my new bra this morning, and I decide that I should glance at the washing instructions. BUT... they're aren't any. AND it's made in Israel. I've never seen anything that has said, "Made in Israel," but it's irrelevant in this story.

So... there's only one tag, and no instructions. I'm like... "Okay, what the heck do I do?" So after staring at the tag for a while, I notice that there are little pictures on it. But these pictures... DO.NOT.HELP.

Am I stupid? I didn't *think* I was stupid. But they are very silly pictures. There is a small set of waves with a "30" under it, a triangle, a circle, another circle with a dot in it (surrounded by a square), and a mouse with an "X" over it.

Okay, it's probably not *supposed* to be a mouse, but it looks like one so we'll say it is for the sake of argument. And there are two sets of pictures... one for US/Canada and one for Europe because washing instructions (or instructions for use, maybe?!) for this bra apparently differ by country.

I came to the conclusion that if companies are going to change from the universal standard, "Machine wash cold. Tumble dry low. No iron." or "Hand wash. Line dry." to silly little pictures... then companies (or at least Calvin Klein) really need to include a key. :-)

Since they didn't, I'm just going to use my best judgment. Since these pictures apparently don't show any signs of being related to anything made by Maytag, I'm guessing that they're simply "Instructions for Use." So here's the key for Calvin Klein sports bras (just in case you decide to purchase one):

Picture: small set of waves with #30
Meaning: You can wear this bra to the beach if you are over the age of 30. If you're 29, you'll just have to wear a bathing suit like everybody else.

Picture: a circle
Meaning: You can use this bra even if you don't have nipples.

Picture: a circle with a dot in the middle (inside a square)
Meaning: You can wear this bra even if you like to draw squares around your breasts.

Picture: triangle
Meaning: You can wear this bra in a teepee if you'd like.

Picture: a mouse with an "X" over it
Meaning: Don't let a mouse eat your bra.

I'm SURE that's what Calvin Klein meant by those pictures. I mean, what else could they mean?

*emmett* ~ who will just hand wash and line dry the bra... just to be safe. She'll also be sure to keep it away from mice...

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