Sunday, September 12, 2004

I'm Back!

Well... we made it to Rhode Island (and the photo above is our new home [the door on the right] on base housing).

We left home on July 29th, and we got to our house on August 16th. Fourteen days of that was spent IN THE CAR! Yes, FOURTEEN DAYS! But... we're still sane and still married. :) LOL. No... we actually had a wonderful time. Ruby and Amber (the puppies) were so good! They didn't bark or cry once in the car. They were perfect.

Well, I have LOTS to tell you guys and gals because SO much happened in the month and a half I was gone. But I'll do that later. Okay... I'll tell you now. You don't have to twist my arm.

Jeremy and I turned 23 on July 30th! Hooray! (Yes, we have the same birthday.) :)

My sister got married! (Photo of me and Shaina with our two cousins, Carol and Lilly.)

The next photo is of Shaina's best friend (the one who adopted Octavius!), Shaina and me... laughing hysterically as we take a photo of us all flexing. We had SO much fun together! We were all in gymnastics together... totally The Three Musketeers growing up, so it was so fun to be all together again. :-)

My sister's pregnant with another girl! (But not twins this time... tee hee...)

My parents are moving to New England from Colorado!

My parents bought a restaurant in Vermont yesterday!

I'm coaching gymnastics again! (WOOHOO!)

I was offered the head-coaching position for the Middletown High School gymnastics team! (This in addition to my other coaching job.)

I FINALLY decided on a career path!

I'm going to be a registered dietician!

Okay... so... I think that's about it. Well, there's probably lots more, but I'll let all you little monkeys know when they come to me.

Take care. Good to be back...

*emmett* ~ who really loves living on this island...

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